Forecaster, Nature’s Power, and Cactus Stab! (Abilities)

Here’s some more abilities! Some of these being based off of weather!

Randomly, you might cause Sunny weather or Rainy weather. The weather lasts 1-2 turns when caused, and you will be told a turn before hand on when the weather will start. Very useful for Chlorophyll/Juicy Rain-ers to cause a lot of trouble, and of course, always go first!

Nature’s Power
When you start Sun or Rain by landing on the Space, or by using the Capsule, it will last for 5 turns, rather than just 3. This means that weather will be affecting the board for a lot longer than usual! Another great ability for players running Chlorophyll/Juicy Rain.

Cactus Stab
If you pass someone on the board, they lose 5 Coins. If someone passes you on the board, they lose 5 Coins. It doesn’t matter, regardless of how it is; passing you on the board is a bad idea! Because you will take 5 Coins from them, so players with this ability should purposely try to go near others. Heck, you should get the Leaf/Super Leaf Capsule, and stab players with this ability + Capsule power, haha!

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