The Last 3 New Abilities in MPI3!

Here are the last 3 Abilities in MPI3!

It’s literally what the ability says! With this ability, you CANNOT be frozen! Yes, no matter what the Capsule effects say. With Ice Flower Capsule, you will never be able to get frozen by that and other freezing Capsules.

Sticky Grip
This is a very tactful ability! Okay, so with this ability, you cannot lose your Capsules. If someone uses Incinerate, Swap, Poltergust 5000, Thief, etc. on you, it will have no effect. No matter what, your Capsules are yours and will not be destroyed or stolen! You can rest easy with this ability.

Penny Saver
Sometimes, the prices at the Item Shop cost just TOO much money! ¬†With this ability, you save 1 Coin on every Capsule or Stuffer you purchase. So, let’s say for like the Mushroom Capsule, right? That Capsule costs 5 Coins. With this ability, that Capsule will cost 4 Coins. If you’re a huge shopper, and buy multiple stuff, you’ll notice the difference! You know what they say, sometimes 1 Coin DOES make a difference!

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