Introducing… Staryu Capsules!!

There are some new Capsules in the new MPI3 game, and they are based off of me, Staryu! These Capsules are strong stuff, but they are not cheap. All of them sell in the price range of 30 Coins, and they are not common by any means! However, if you ARE able to get one, prepare to dish out some damage!

Staryu’s Comet Capsule – Unleash deadly comets at everyone. They all lose 30 Coins, and has a high chance of crit’ing.
Staryu’s Hammer Capsule – One player will lose 40 Coins, be Cursed for 1-2 turns, and will roll a 1-3 Block.
Staryu’s Juice Capsule – Used on 2 players; they will be unable to harm you for 3 turns, after that, they will both miss a turn.

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