MPI5+ Announcement!

MPI5+ is coming soon! Yes, the next installment in the MPI series will be open for sign-ups very soon! Make sure you check back here on MPI/MPFS Central regularly to learn more about all the new stuff in MPI5+! I’m very proud of this Mario Party game, and I can’t wait to show the whole thing off to you guys! This MPI is definitely the best one I’ve done! Here are just some of the new things you can expect in MPI5+:

10 New Boards! Including one being a remake of a classic board!
Lots of new Spaces! Including some from past MPI games, exclusive to certain boards!
Over 30 New Minigames!  Including new Minigame types!
Coupons are expanded upon, and are made much more clear than before!
-New Abilities!
-New Capsules!
-New Stocking Stuffers!

You guys are going to love this new MPI game! Please make sure you check back everyday for news on MPI5+!

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