4 New Spaces!

Yes, 4 new Spaces are joining the MPI Space-catalog! These new Spaces will appear on every board, and are sure to shake things up! You want to learn what they do? Well, read below! If you’re confused about them, be sure to comment below and I’ll try my best to simplify them for you!
This goes from left to right:

Flora Space:
This Space is the pink one with the dazzling lily! Landing on this Space will help you to regenerate Coins! The special thing about this Space, the more you land on it, the more Coins you will get it! So the first time you land here, you’ll only get 3 Coins, but as you land on here more and more, it’ll increase to 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 100 Coins! After you reach the 100 Coins cap, it’ll drop down to 50 Coins for next time. This Space is very beneficial in helping you gain Coins, make sure you land on it over and over! The Double Cherry Capsule might help you with this one!

Shade Space:
This Space is the Blue/Pink one with the fancy boy/girl hat on it! So, we’re taking a page out of MPI3+ with this Space. If you’re confused, MPI3+ had Spaces where you can choose one effect to use out of the two effects presented to you. This Space is just like that! When landing here, you will choose one of the hats; Mr. Shade (the top hat with the blue ribbon), or Mrs. Shade (the sun hat with the pink flower).
If you choose Mr. Shade‘s hat, you can unleash a deadly attack on one of your rivals, making them lose a whopping 40 Coins!
If you choose Mrs. Shade‘s hat, you can make one rival drop one stage in three Bonus Star stats! That’ll hurt their chances for the Bonus Stars!
Both are great depending on the situation; choose wisely when you land here!

Sundae Space:
This Space is the one with the delicious Neapolitan sundae on it! Landing here is very beneficial if you’re a fan of Capsules! If you land here, you can get ANY Capsule you want, from the whole MPI5+ Capsule library. Yeah, that’s right… any Capsule. A common one, a rare one, it doesn’t matter; pick whatever you want! But please choose wisely, because you only get ONE.

Blessing Space:
This Space is the white one with a serene bell on it! When you land here, you give a free present to the player in last place! You’re probably wondering why should you land on this Space. Well, it’s true how the saying goes: “What goes around, comes around”. Once your poor rival in last place gets his or her present, you will be guaranteed a present at the end of the game! That’s right, you will receive the Blessing Star! You can receive up to 2 Blessing Stars, so go ahead and land here; you’re not only helping your rival out, but you’re helping yourself too!
No good deed goes unpunished!

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