First New Board! Introducing… Swifty Speedway!

Swifty Speedway

¬†Swifty Speedway is a race-track board! Race along this mini-map, and get as many Stars as you can! The special Spaces on this board x2 Space and Reverse Space will allow you to move further (or backwards!) across the board. There’s also Duel Spaces on this board, so you can duel your rivals for Coins/Stars and see who wins the jackpot! There’s 3 Boos, 2 Warp Zones (Warp takes you back to the Start), along with 3 Scissors shortcut routes for you to speed through the bottom of the board! Overall, a pretty basic board that is great for newcomers to the MPI series!


Space Name


x2 Space

Roll again.

Reverse Space

Roll again, but you’ll go backwards.

Duel Space

Start a Duel Minigame with one rival of your choice. Choose what both you and your rival will bet.


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