Stocking Stuffers; New Changes for MPI5+!

Bowser Stuffer:
Bowser is always trying to aggravate everyone who plays MPI, so there is no shocker he created this Stocking Stuffer to annoy your rivals! Using this will force a rival to take this Stuffer into their Stocking. Once it is forced into their Stocking, they can’t use it, they can only discard it. Discarding it will waste a turn for using other Stocking Stuffers, so this is a great way to hold off your rivals Stuffer usage! Also, when they discard it, you get the point added to your Stuffer Star stat!

Staryu Stuffer:
Hey, this Stuffer is based off of me, SpiderStaryu! When you use my Stuffer, I will boost all Stuffers in your Stocking by 10 Coins!  An example, if you have three +20 Coins Stuffers, they will ALL be boosted by +10 Coins, so those three Stuffers will turn into +30 Coins Stuffers! This item will definitely help you get more Coins in your pocket, and the Staryu Stuffer is not that expensive either!

Scissor Queen Stuffer:
Use this on one of your rival’s Stuffers, and that Stuffer will be cut in half, and distributed to both you and the chosen rival. Example, Mario uses this on Luigi’s +40 Coins Stuffer,  Mario and Luigi will  both get +20 Coins, and the point will be added to Mario’s Stuffer Star stat. Very useful if your rival has a high Stuffer, like a +50 Coins Stuffer!

Kirby Stuffer:
Kirby Stuffer works the same way the Staryu Stuffer did in MPI4+! Use this Stuffer on a rival of your choice, and you will copy their EXACT Stocking, getting all the same Stuffers they have. Keep in mind, in doing this, you will lose ALL of the current Stuffers you have. So make sure you use up all the important Stuffers you have before using this Kirby Stuffer!

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