Second New Board! Look, It’s… Stardust Stadium!

Stardust Stadium

Stardust Stadium takes place on a Star-constellation in space! This board really isn’t too big, but there’s many different strategies you can do here because of that! One thing that makes this board special, is that every 3 turns, the Spaces on the trail of the outer Constellation will glow. This glowing effect increases the power of all Spaces, to see the full list of changes, check here. This will only happen for 1 turn, then all affected Spaces will go back to normal. There’s 1 Boo, 2 Warp Zones, and 1 Scissor shortcut route.

There’s 3 Special Spaces on this board. Miracle Space is the almighty and dreaded Chance Time Minigame! Landing here will randomly swap players Coins and/or Stars. Meteor Space activates a Meteor Minigame, where you compete with your rivals to win a free Star! You have the upper hand if you were the one to land on it! Last, but not least, we have the Comet Space! The Comet Space is very similar to the Blast Space. You’ll make rivals lose Coins! Depending if your rivals are in the center star, or on the outer constellation, they’ll lose a specific amount of Coins, and you’ll get them! How cool is that?


Space Name


Miracle Space

Starts the miracle event, better known to retro Mario Party fans as “Chance Time”! In this event, you and/or your rivals will swap Coins and Stars!

Meteor Space

Starts a Meteor Minigame! There’s 6 landing spots, the meteor will fall on one of these 6 spots and give the player a Star. The rivals each get 1 spot, while the player who activated the Space gets 3 spots.

Comet Space

All your rivals lose Coins! Players inside the Star lose 10 Coins, everyone outside of the Star will lose 5 Coins and they go to you!

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