Third New Board! It’s the ever elusive… Misty Rainforest!

Misty Rainforest

Misty Rainforest is a waterfall board! This waterfall produces a serene, powerful mist, so powerful you can walk on it! It’s protected by the Sprixie Princesses who visit this secret part of the rain forest every summer! If you land on the Blue Space where the Sprixie Princess is above/on the side of, they will do something to help you! To see what each Sprixie does, look here. There’s 1 Boo, 2 Warp Zones, and 3 Scissor shortcut routes.

There are 3 Special Spaces on this board. The Sun Space is an incredibly useful Space to players who like to use the Appeal feature on their Spin Wheel! Your Star Gauge will be boosted by 3 stages upon landing on the Sun Space! Very helpful for filling your Star Gauge quickly!

Fire Space will unleash devastating fire on all negative Spaces, plus the one exception Sun Space! Players to pass the Space first will lose 5 Coins! This can be very useful in helping your rivals lose Coins, just make sure you don’t have a lot of Coins when you activate it, because no one is safe from this fiery storm! Also, Shower Space’s effects will end as the water gets dried up thanks to the Fire Space!

Shower Space will unleash healthy water on certain positive Spaces! Players to pass the Spaces first will gain 5 Coins! If you’re low on Coins, there’s no doubt the Shower Space will help you out! Be careful though, Shower Space’s effects will allow EVERYONE to get Coins, not just you! Keep that in mind before you land here. Also, Fire Space’s effects will end as the flames are put out thanks to the Shower Space!


Space Name


Sun Space

Boost your Star Gauge by +3 stages!

Fire Space

Puts devastating fire on all negative Spaces, if anyone passes those spaces, they will lose 5 Coins.
Red/Bowser/Spider/Stop!/Sun/Fire Spaces will all be affected.

Shower Space

Puts healthy water on all positive Spaces, if anyone passes those spaces, they will gain 5 Coins.
Blue/Item/Fresh/Juice/Pouring/Shower Spaces will all be affected.

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