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SpiderStaryu On August - 4 - 2015

Whoa, Look Out! There Are 7 Bonus Stars!

There are 7 Bonus Stars in this MPI5 game!
The first 5 are competed for throughout the game,
while the last two (Boss Star and Bless Star) are received a bit differently.
Boss Star is earned by completing the Boss Minigame at the end of the game.
Bless Star is earned by simply landing on the Bless Space.

Minigame Star

Minigame Star is awarded to the player who won the most Minigames. Basically, try your best to win as many Minigames as you can! Landing on Spaces like the 1-Player Space and the Juice Space will definitely help give you a boost towards the Minigame Star!

Coin Star

Coin Star is awarded to the player who had the highest amount of Coins at one point in the game. The best way to make sure you win the Coin Star, is to use A LOT of Stocking Stuffers. Stuffers give you Coins, so you’ll be getting a lot of Coins! Another good thing to use is Coupons, to save money on Items that you buy!

Blue Star

Blue Star is awarded to the player who landed on the most Blue Spaces. Using the Mini Mushroom Capsule can greatly help you land on a Blue Space if you want to try landing on them more!

Stuffer Star

Stuffer Star is awarded to the player who used the most Stocking Stuffers overall. Buying Stuffers help you gain Coins, so you have no reason not to use Stuffers! Landing on the Stuffer Space will give you A LOT of Stuffers, so try your best to land there!

Miss Star

Miss Star is awarded to the player who lost the most Coins overall through various events. This counts Spaces like the Red Space, losing Coins in a Minigame, getting hurt by a rival’s Capsule, etc. Rivals will know better than to gang up on you, because ganging up on you comes with a price!

Boss Star

Boss Star is awarded to the player who wins the Boss Minigame at the end of the game. The winner of the boss battle will receive 2 Boss Stars, so that’s 2 Stars for winning the final Boss Minigame!

Bless Star

Bless Star is awarded to ALL players who land on the Bless Space. You can receive up to 2 Bless Stars, by landing on the Bless Space twice!



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