Sixth New Board! Chocolates and Sweets for Everyone at… Scissor Queen’s Patisserie!

Scissor Queen Patisserie

Scissor Queen Patisserie is a candy/chocolate board! Scissor Queen owns this chocolate-y board; she has to make money somehow! Being designed by Scissor Queen, you can expect A LOT of Battle Spaces, and A LOT of Scissor Spaces! Because there’s a lot of both, make sure you make use of them; especially the Scissor Space shortcuts! There a lot of dessert Spaces for the Patisserie that you can learn about below; let’s just say Bonus Star stats are very important on this board! The special thing about this board, is that there are two Boss Battles against Scissor Queen! First will happen during the Last 10 Turns, and the second one will happen at the end of the game!
There’s 1 Boo, 2 Warp Zones, and 6 Scissor shortcut routes.

There are three Special Spaces on this board, and as you can expect, they are all dessert goodness! Cake Space boosts all your Bonus Star stats by 1 stage. This Space will guarantee you will get at least some Bonus Stars, if you play your cards right! Wish Space works a bit differently in this game. Wish Space allows you to either fill your Capsule inventory, or your Stuffer inventory COMPLETELY! The items you get will be random, but you’ll definitely have a full pile of Capsules or Stuffers! Birthday Space gives you 1 Star! Happy Birthday!!


Space Name


Cake Space

Boost all Bonus Star stats by one stage.

Wish Space

Make a wish to get 5 Capsules or 5 Stuffers. You can replace the ones you already have with the newly wished up items!

Birthday Space

Happy Birthday! You get 1 free Star!

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