Seventh New Board! An Amazing Sight… Vivid Vicinity!

Vivid Vicinity

Vivid Vicinity is a rainbow board! What makes this board special is the fact that there’s no Dual Paths… instead, there’s this special thing called Vibrant Paths! Don’t faint just yet; they’re not exactly like Dual Paths! With these paths, you’re restricted to one color! Which ever color you’re assigned at the start of the game, is the colored path you will always go down. Don’t worry, these Vibrant Paths change color every turn; you won’t be stuck on the same path of Spaces! So what may be Blue/Red/Yellow/Green this turn, may turn into Green/Yellow/Blue/Red next turn! There’s also a Capsule that can change the paths to whatever you set for 2 turns! They also go along with this board’s special system; the Mailbag system! To understand the Mailbag system more, go here. There’s 3 Boos, 1 Warp Zone, and 2 Scissor shortcut routes. There’s also a Warp-Route, that takes you from Warp-1, to Warp-2. Ironically, there’s two Warp-2 Routes, so choose which one you want to go to!

There are 2 Special Spaces on this board. Love Letter Space gives you +3-5 Letters added to your mailbag. Love Letters are presents for you; they give you boosts whether it be Coins, Items, or other juicy stuff! Open Letter Space allows you to go on a love quest to help two people who are in love! In doing so, you’ll get a much bigger present than usual! You could get tons of Coins, a Rare Capsule… maybe even a Star!


Space Name


Love Letter Space

Get +3-5 Love Letters!
There could be Coins, Items… and so much more inside!

Open Letter Space

Go on a Love Quest!
You’ll get tons a big present for doing so!

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