Eighth New Board! A Blast From the Past… Fate’s Forest!

Fate’s Forest is a spooky/forest board! This board is actually a remake of the original Fate’s Forest from MPIF (MPI Forecast), and I’ve actually remade this board quite a few times; which I’ll post the multiple iterations of soon in it’s own post! The story of Fate’s Forest is a long one… after being forgotten for many years, Fate’s Forest’s fate has finally been decided; and it’s definitely not happiness and sunshine… The forest has been possessed by a ghostly spirit, and the only way to take it out is by using the power of the Stars! The board follows the classic Mario Party style, only 1 Star on the board at one time, it costs 20 Coins to buy the Star. This board is very simple and also a great board for newcomers!

There are 3 Special Spaces for this board; and they are all Spaces from the first MPI+! Kiss Space allows you to kiss a rival, forcing them to be unable to harm you for 3 turns! Ooeeoo Space will give you the Happy status, giving you Coins at the beginning of each turn! Fish Space is a bit tricky, it gives you and another rival the Fish status. At the end of 3 turns, you will lose all your Coins. This is a very strategic status, so make sure you use it effectively, because it can totally screw up a rival due to the weariness of losing all their Coins!


Space Name


Kiss Space

Kiss a rival of your choice. They will obtain the Infatuated status; being unable to harm you in any way for 3 turns!

Ooeeoo Space

Cast a happy spell, giving you the Happy status for 3 turns!
You will get Coins at the beginning of each turn!

Fish Space

You and another player will inherit the Fish status. If you don’t get rid of the ailment in 3 Turns, you will lose all of your Coins!

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