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Neon Crescendo is a music board! This board is truly one of my greatest works for MPI! I put a lot of work into this board; I really hope you all love it! The famous orchestra: The Love and Beauty Symphony, is well known for their sweet, toe-tapping music! Spider recently had a chance to hear them play, and was inspired to make this dynamic, harmony board! You can tell it’s music-themed from the “Note”-shaped pathways! Enjoy the many Miss Spaces, which plays a nice melody to lull a rival to sleep! Also, let’s not forget the rival-aggravating BugaBoo Spaces! This board has Quadruple Star Spaces, just like Vehement Volcano! There will be 4 Stars on the board at once; Yellow Star Space’s Stars are always 20 Coins, however, Blue/Red/Pink Star’s prices will vary.

There’s 2 Boos, 2 Warp Zones, and 5 Scissor shortcut routes. There’s also 2 Warp-Route, that takes you from Warp-1, to Warp-2. There’s 2 sets of Warp-Routes, here’s how you tell em’ apart: Blue Warp-1 goes to Blue Warp-2. Red Warp-1 goes to Red Warp-2!

There’s 2 Special Spaces on this board. Miss Space let’s you make one rival miss their turn! That means they won’t be able to do anything for this turn! If they already made their move, they won’t be able to move next turn! BugaBoo Space will give you the BugaBoo status for 3 turns! Each turn, you will be able to annoy a rival in various ways!


Space Name


Miss Space

Force one rival to Miss their turn! They will be unable to move!
You can only land on this three times.

BugaBoo Space

Gain the BugaBoo status for 3 turns!
You will annoy your rivals with this status!


I am a joyful 21 year old guy who loves everything Nintendo. I also happen to be the creator of MPI. I am one of the Admins on Mario Party Legacy Forums, I am a Writer and Videographer for the website, and I am one of the Lost Levels on MPL's podcast.

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