Tenth New Board! Minigames Are Everywhere in… Game Wizard’s Enterprise!

Game Wizard’s Enterprise is a game/arcade board! Game Wizard, the legendary boss from Ace Skyview on MPI4+, has decided to make his own board! Very symmetrical, wouldn’t you say?? Game Wizard says this board’s the best, just because it’s made in his image… Don’t worry about Game Wizard, he’s not evil… he’s just conceited! Maybe a little bit more than he should! What makes this board special is you will find tons of Minigame Spaces to test your skills and to test your luck! This board is a great pick if you want to challenge the Game Wizard and if you love to play as many Minigames as you can!

There’s 2 Boos, 3 Warp Zones, and 6 Scissor shortcut routes. There’s also 4 Warp-Routes, that takes you from Warp-1, to Warp-2. There’s 4 sets of Warp-Routes, here’s how you tell em’ apart: Blue Warp-1 goes to Blue Warp-2 (choose the left or right hand). Red Warp-1 goes to Red Warp-2, Yellow Warp-1 goes to Yellow Warp-2, Green Warp-1 goes to Green Warp-2.

This board has 4 Special Spaces, and all of them are Minigame Spaces! Game Wizard Space allows you to play a Game Wizard Minigame, where you will challenge the Game Wizard himself to a flash game, and the player with the higher score wins! If you win, you’ll get a prize; most of the time it’s Coins, but it can be Capsules, Stuffers, Coupons, and maybe even a Star! Rhyhm Space allows you to play a Rhythm Minigame. Claim what you’ll press, the send in what you’ll really press! Depending on the team-up you get, you may get Coins, or lose Coins.

Slots Space allows you to start a Slots Minigame. Choose 3 numbers from 1 to 10. Depending on the roulette combo you get,  you just might get a prize! Coins are the most commonly won here, but one roulette combo could give you a Capsule! Lucky Slots Space allows you to start a Lucky Slots Minigame. Lucky Slots Minigames are just like Slots Minigames… except it’s easier to win a prize with the Lucky Slots! Some of the prizes are a little bit smaller than those from the Slots Space, but you can still win a bundle here!


Space Name


Game Wizard Space

Starts a Game Wizard Minigame.
You will face the Game Wizard in a flash game, and you have to try to beat his score, to win the prize!

Rhythm Space

Starts a Rhythm Minigame.
Claim what you’ll press and then send it in!
Depending on the team,

Slots Space

Starts a Slots Minigame.
Choose 3 numbers from 1-10; you can pick the same number multiple times. Depending on the roulette, you might get a prize!

Lucky Slots Space

Starts a LUCKY Slots Minigame.
Same as the normal Slots Minigame, choose 3 numbers from 1-10.
The difference is it’s a lot easier to win this version!

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