First New Board of MPI6! Here it is… Staryu Land!

Staryu Land is a circus/fair board! You know fun is about to take place when the fair comes to town! SpiderStaryu has prepared a glorious board for those who like to play games and have fun, it’s Staryu’s Midway Madness! No Special Spaces on this board, but what makes this board special is it utilizes something from the Staryu Space; Staryu Tickets! Staryu Tickets are to be traded in for many different Special Starfish, a Special Starfish can give you Coins, Items, and more! This system sounds familiar, because it’s exactly how the Staryu Space operates! Though on this board, you can save up earned Staryu tickets to buy something grand! I can’t wait to see how players utilize this system to bring them ahead in the game! To learn more about the rewards for this board, look here.

There are 6 Item Shops, 4 Lotto Shops, and 2 Boos.
There are 5 Scissor shortcut routes.
There’s 1 Warp Zone (sends you back to the start), and 2 Warp-Routes. A Warp Route goes from Warp-1 to Warp-2. Pay attention to the color of the numbers; Warp Blue 1 goes to Warp Blue 2. Warp Red 1 goes to Warp Red 2.


Space Name


Staryu’s Ticket Dispenser

Gives you extra Staryu Tickets to spend on cool rewards!

Staryu’s Ferris Wheel

Jump on top of the moving Ferris Wheel! Choose a seat: Blue, Red, Yellow, or Purple! Depending on your luck, you can win: 20 Coins, 10 Coins, 5 Coins, or 1 Item.

Staryu’s Special Spider

Staryu will let you use his amazing Spider! This Spider will take half the Coins of one rival, and give them to you!

Staryu’s Sun Power

Staryu unleashes the power of the sun on a rival! They will be unable to move!

Peach’s Kiss

Summon Peach, and she will kiss you! You will be protected from all attacks for 2 turns.

Mystic Mask

Block one side of the dual paths for 2-3 turns. You can still cross either side though.

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