How to Play MPI6

Hello, everyone! My name is SpiderStaryu. I am the creator of the MPI series; MPI stands for Mario Party Interactive.
To put it simply; MPI is a Mario Party forum game. A Mario Party game you play on a forum.
Through out this guide, I will be showing you how to play MPI, and I’ll also give you some helpful tips.
If you already know how to play regular Mario Party games, you’ll mostly know how to play MPI. As it’s not much different.

The object of the game is to become the Super Star!
How do you become the Super Star? You collect more Stars than all your rivals.
I’ll explain this in more detail as the guide goes on.

Turn Order

 Turn Order is a little bit different in this game than a regular Mario Party game.
In a regular game of Mario Party, players will roll a dice block at the beginning of the game, to decide who goes 1st, 2nd, etc.
In MPI, turn order is decided by who makes their move first. If you post your move before everyone else, your move will count 1st.
This doesn’t mean you’ll be 1st every turn. After each turn, the cycle restarts. I’ll give you an example:
On the next turn, if you’re the last one to move, your move will count 4th. So always post your moves as soon as you can!

Dice Blocks

Dice Blocks are what determine how much you roll. If it says you roll 1, then you move forward 1 Space, and so on with other numbers. To keep things really random, every turn, you will be expected to give SpiderStaryu a number between 1-10, this is so he can randomize your roll. There are multiple Items that can affect your Dice Block; to roll more, to roll less, and to make you not move at all! More on that will be explained in the Items section.


There are 17 Spaces in this MPI game. Each Space does something different, and could positively or negatively affect you. I’m going to be listing all the Spaces here, one by one. I’ll explain what it does and give you a little bit of advice too.


This is the most important Space in the game! Pass by here and you will be able to buy a Star for 20 Coins! This is listed first because there’s something I want to mention; passing by this Space will NOT count against your Dice Block. So if you have 4 Spaces remaining as you pass the Star Space, you’ll still have that many right after.


Land here and you will get 3 Coins. Sometimes, you’ll get a Hidden Block when you land on these Spaces. A very safe Space to land on.


Land here and you will lose 3 Coins. Try to avoid this Space if you can, losing Coins is never a good thing.


This is the ? Space, also known as the Green Space. Many different things can happen when you land here. Look at each individual board’s explanation, you’ll get a better idea of what it does before hand.


You DEFINITELY want to avoid this Space. This is the Bowser Space, landing here will make Bowser appear, and trust me, he doesn’t have ANYTHING good planned for you! You will more than likely lose Coins, but you could also lose Items or Stars too! Be careful!


This is the Item Space, as you can probably guess, you’ll get Items here! A Starfish will come and either ask you a question to give you multiple Items, or give you a list of some Items and you can keep JUST one from the list. To see the full list of Items, look here.


This is the Fresh Space. This citrus-filled Space will boost a Bonus Star stat of your choice by 1 stage. Keep landing here and this Space will ensure you’ll get at least 1 Bonus Star at the end of the game! Bonus Stars will be explained in more detail further below.


Scissors Space connects to another Scissors Space, allowing you to take a shortcut on the board. Taking these shortcuts will cost you 5 Coins, if you don’t have 5 Coins, you will be forced to end your turn here. Landing on this Space will give you 5 Coins. Taking a shortcut can be very helpful, it can take you to the Star A LOT quicker, among other uses!


Starts a Battle Minigame. For Battle Minigames, every player will put in 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 Coins into the jackpot. After all the Coins are accumulated, the Minigame starts. The player who wins gets 70% of the jackpot, and the player in 2nd gets 30%. Sometimes players in 3rd or 4th will get 1 Coin. It’s rare, but there’s a chance there will be a Battle Minigame for Items, just like Mario Party: Island Tour!


Kind of self-explanatory, but if you pass by this Space, you will be forced to STOP! Your turn will end here on this Space, regardless of how much you have left on your Dice Block. Landing here, you will get 10 Coins! So it’s not totally bad!


It’s raining money! Landing here, you will get 30 Coins!  Always try to land on a Pouring Space, having lots of Coins will help you get the Coin Star, and it will help you buy useful Items.


For the next 3 turns (starting with this turn), you will receive extra Coins for winning Minigames! Usually players receive +10 Coins for winning a Minigame, if you land here, you will receive +20 or +30 for winning a Minigame! Even if you lose the Minigame, you will still get +10 Coins; this will totally help you get the Minigame Star!


This Space isn’t so good for you… but it can be used strategically. Landing here will make you lose HALF of your Coins. Example, if you have 50 Coins, you will lose -25 Coins. Here’s the strategic part, players who are 3 Spaces away from you, will ALSO lose half their Coins. Try landing on this Space when you have rivals nearby and you don’t have a lot of Coins.


Force all rivals to lose some Coins. They can lose 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 Coin(s). Regardless, the less Coins your rivals have, the better!


Everyone loves a nice frozen treat, well, this Sundae is special. Landing here will allow you to get ANY Item you want from the full list of 30 Items. This Space is very rare, but for good reason. Getting ANY Item you want for free, can really change the game.


When you land on this Space, you will help the player in 4th place catch up. The player in 4th will either get: +40 Coins, an Item Bag, or a Star. What they receive will greatly be decided on how far they are in last place. In doing this good deed, you will also be blessed! At the end of the game, you will receive a Star! You can receive up to 2 Stars if you land on this Space twice!


This is my personal favorite Space! Landing here will start a Staryu Minigame. Beat me in the Minigame and you win! Staryu Minigames give you the perfect opportunity to get a little mix of everything; Coins, Items, and more! Different things will be offered to you, more will be offered to you the further you are into last.

Passing Events

Passing Events are things on the board that don’t affect your Dice Roll. Usually represented by a pink arrow, you can access these places as you’re moving. If you want to visit these places, make sure you make it clear that you “Visit the Item Shop”, and so on.


Visit the Item Shop to buy some Items! Unlike previous Mario Party games, you are allowed to buy multiple Items at the Item Shop in MPI. So buy as much as you want! You can hold up to 5 Items.


Play the Lotto game for 5 Coins. This Lottery game is a Scratch-Off. You will pick a number from #1 – #12, and scratch that ticket off! You may get one of the following prizes:
1st – 100 Coins
2nd – 50 Coins
3rd – 25 Coins
4th – Item

 The ticket could also be a MISS, and you won’t win anything; it’s all about luck! When visiting the Lotto Shop at least once, you will be entered in the Lucky Lotto Drawing that takes place during the Last 6 Turns. More information about that here.


Visiting Boo means you’re going to do something terrible to another player! Boo can steal Coins or Stars from your rivals. It costs 5 Coins to steal Coins from a rival, and it costs 40 Coins to steal a Star from a rival. Saving up for Boo is always a smart idea.


At the end of each turn, a Minigame will take place. There are many different type of Minigames to play, and the one we play will be decided based on what color you get from the Space you landed on! The color everyone gets will decide the dynamic of the Minigame.

You’ll get BLUE if you landed on… Blue, Item, Fresh, Juice, Blast, & Pouring Spaces.
You’ll get RED if you landed on… Red, Bowser, Spider, & Stop! Spaces.
You’ll get RANDOM if you landed on… Green, Battle, Scissors, Bless, Sundae, & Staryu Spaces.

If all players get BLUE or RED… than a 4-Player Minigame starts.
If 2 players get BLUE and 2 players get RED… than a 2vs2 Minigame starts.
If 3 people get BLUE and 1 person gets RED… or 3 people get RED and 1 person gets BLUE… than a 1vs3 Minigame starts.

Those minigames above appear at the end of every turn.
There ARE more types of Minigames you can play based on other circumstances and I’ll describe them now.

Battle Minigame – To play a Battle Minigame, land on a Battle Space.
Staryu Minigame – To play a Staryu Minigame, land on a Staryu Space.
Duel Minigame – To play a Duel Minigame, use the Staryu Duel Item on a rival you’d like to challenge.
Gamble Minigame – To play a Gamble Minigame, use the Lucky Charm Item on yourself or a rival.


Bonus Stars

 At the end of the game, Bonus Stars will be handed out! Each Bonus Star counts as 1 Star.
There are 4 Bonus Stars in this MPI game. Some boards have more Bonus Stars than others, make sure you read the board information to know how many Bonus Stars that specific board has! In this section, I will explain how to get each of the main 4 Bonus Stars. One piece of advice that stands for the first 3 Bonus Stars mentioned; Land on the Fresh Space. The Fresh Space allows you to boost a Bonus Star stat of your choice by 1 stage, I can’t stress enough how helpful that is! Remember that piece of advice! Now, here’s the 4 Bonus Stars:

Minigame Star

Minigame Star is awarded to the player(s) who won the most Minigames. Try your best every Minigame, and landing on Juice Space will definitely help you win lots of Coins from Minigames!


Coin Star

Coin Star is awarded to the player(s) who had the most Coins at what point of the game! Stocking up on Coins is the way to win this Bonus Star, try landing on the Pouring Space! That Space gives you 30 Coins and will help you get this Bonus Star!


Happening Star

Happening Star is awarded to the player(s) who landed on the most ? Spaces. There is a way to ensure you land on a ? Space: If you use the Mini Mushroom Capsule on yourself, you can ensure you get enough to land on a ? Space.


Bless Star

Bless Star is awarded to ALL players who landed on the Bless Space. You can make this Star count twice if you land on the Bless Space at least 2 times! Helping others at is a blessing in disguise!

Final Comment

Thank you so much for reading this guide! Hopefully you better understand how to play MPI now. As mentioned earlier, it’s almost exactly like a regular Mario Party, just with some new features to keep things interesting and original. If you have anymore questions, I welcome you to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer them. Enjoy MPI6 guys, and good luck to all future players!


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