Boards (Promo Circa)

Mario Party Forum Style will have 7 Board Maps. Each board map is designed around the Gods and Goddesses. Each board map have the same rules applied to it. These board maps also have a new porting system called Portals. Portals connect to different parts of the board map and is free of charge.

Wind Sanctuary


The Wind Sanctuary is located deep within a forest. This place serves as a home to the Wind God Deprimo himself. Try to take advantage of the short paths in order to maneuver around the board. Since it’s sacred ground, no one is allowed on the premises.

Fire Island


Fire IslandĀ  is located inside a volcano. For some reason, this volcano never erupts. The last time the volcano erupted was 2189 years ago. Many fire-breathing creatures live within the volcano. There are even Fire Flowers that shoots fire. Legends hold that the fire Goddess Incendio built this volcano to stop the active wars between 2 brute forces. For this board map, using your elemental technique is vital. Make sure you use it at the right time.

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