These are Spaces!! The whole point of MPI, traveling across a board with Spaces! There’s so many different, new Spaces this MPI with at least 27 Spaces, so be sure to learn as much as you can! Landing on useful Spaces at certain times can drastically help you, so make sure you plan what Space to land on carefully!


Space Name


Blue Space

Get 3 Coins.

Red Space

Lose 3 Coins.

Green Space

 An event will occur. Each board has it’s own set of events.

Bowser Space

Bowser will do something dreadful to you. He has many horrible things planned, you’ll definitely lose something!

Snitch Space

 Send someone to Bowser.

Blue Capsule Space

Answer a question, depending on your answer, you may receive multiple Capsules.

Pink Capsule Space

 A bunch of Capsules appear before you, you can choose one to keep, and only one.

Blue Stocking Space

 Answer a question, depending on your answer, you may receive multiple Stuffers.

Pink Stocking Space

  A bunch of Stuffers appear before you, you can choose one to keep, and only one.

Fresh Space

Boost a Bonus Star stat.

Sunflower Space

Takes you to the Sunflower route, to earn Coins/Stars and more.

Mini-Event Space

 A roleplay will unfold. Depending on your actions, something good, bad, or completely random will happen to you or the board.

Battle Space

 Starts a Battle Mini-Game. You will face a enemy, take em’ out by using a Capsule/Stocking Stuffer!

Christmas Space

 You will give a present to everyone, and they will give one to you!

Wish Space

Wish for one of the following: 1 Star, 20 Coins, 1 specific Capsule, 1 specific Stuffer, Capsule Bag, or a Stuffer bag.

Birthday Space

On the next turn, we will celebrate your birthday! Everyone has to give all earnings/buyings to you!

Pouring Space

Get 30 Coins!

1-Player Space

 Starts a 1-Player Mini-Game.

Mirage Space

 A random Space effect will happen.

Poison Space

 Inflict Poison, Paralysis, or the Curse status on one of your opponents.

Bank Space

Pass this, and you will lose 5 Coins. Land on it, and you’ll receive all the Coins in the bank.

Kiss Space

Kiss a player, making them unable to harm you for 3 turns.

Ooeeoo Space

 Gives the player the Happy status, gaining Coins each turn.

Fish Space

You and another player will inherit the Fish status. If you don’t get rid of the aliment in 3 Turns, you will lose all of your Coins.

Police Space

You are put on probation for 3 Turns! If you try to harm someone with a Capsule/Space effect, you will lose all your Coins.

Ghost Space

Gives you the Ghost status for 3 Turns! If anyone comes 3 Spaces near you, they will run off 5 Spaces in a random direction.

Switch Space

Pass this and you will unlock a new part to the board. Land on it, unlock a new part, and get 10 Coins.

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