Sunny Seafront

Sunny Seafront is a glorious resort in a northern part of the Mushroom Kingdom. The resort is run by “Spicy Blooper”, a Blooper who grew up deep in the sea, and now is on land, getting with the latest “trends”. He owns a resort with tons of features including multiple diners, a big casino, a beach, and plenty more stuff. He asked Spider to make a board based around his old home in the sea when he was with his mom. The board was made on the beach where the sun shines greatly! Enjoy yourself in this vacation spa, and be sure to become the superstar!

Spooky Dusk

Deep in the woods of Spooky Dusk, ghosts and monsters play! Spider was looking for a new scary location to make a board, and Spooky Dusk was just the place! These woods may be confusing for you if you don’t have a strategy in mind. Try to become the SuperStar in this land of ghouls!

Galaxy Horizon

Traveling in space has never been so cool! We’re on the galaxy’s horizon, we can see all the stars, the bright night sky, and if you look down, you can even see earth! Spider wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted a board based around astrology. If you travel the whole board, you’ll notice some cool special “Blast Spaces”! Their starry aura looks amazing, and you can land on them too!

Sunflower Fields

You wanna know where Sunflower Spaces come from? Look no further! Sunflower Fields is filled with all kinds of sunflowers through out the whole board! Spider loves sunflowers, and we know he had to get those Sunflower Spaces somewhere! These Sunflowers aren’t fully bloomed yet, so they don’t do what an adult Sunflower Space does, but their still pretty handy! Enjoy wandering through these petal paths and taking in the aroma!

Glacier Summit

 Whoa! You’re in a toy-box! Glacier Summit is a toy board, made real by the magic of a certain Goomba. This board reminds you of another certain design, does it not? In this board, try not to slip up, and keep the pace! And hey, don’t break the board either; it’s only plastic!

Radiant Constellation

As we stand on this rainbow meteorite, we see what the power of shifting colors can really do! This board glows and glows, and the color changes into many different neon colors! This constellation only allows the finest superstars to inhabit it, are you worthy of playing here?

Western Land 2.0 

Hey, back to western times! Remember this board from the Nintendo 64 game, “Mario Party 2”? Spider has re-captured the western times in this sequel! Enjoy once more riding trains, knocking people out on trains… I guess I should mention watch out for the trains! Landing on Green Spaces trigger it!



Welcome to the Quonderful library! Shhhh, don’t be too loud! In this board, you’ll find all kinds of books about MPI, and it’s history. You’ll also find all kind of hidden artifacts that are very important to the world of MPI. We got to keep this place safe so Bowser doesn’t try to take all the items here, and ruin MPI for good! Only the superstar can stop Bowser!

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