Spin Wheel

A brand new feature in the MPI series, introducing the Spin Wheel! Each turn, you have an option to do certain stuff before you move. use this to your advantage! You can visit Item Shop and buy a lotto ticket from the Lotto Store every turn. However, for Appeal, Dumpster Dive, as well as Faith Wish, you can only perform one action from the three to perform every turn. So choose wisely, sometimes it’s good to rely on luck!





Item Shop

Buy Capsules/Stuffers from the shop. Buy as much as you want.

 Every Turn

Lotto Store

Buy a Lotto ticket. Costs 5 Coins.

Every Turn


 Appeal to boost your Star Gauge. Costs 5 Coins.

One from the Three

Dumpster Dive

Dig into the dumpster and possibly find something. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being poisoned temporarily though.

One from the Three

Faith Wish

Wish for something, and depending on the type of wish, it has a 1 in 3-10 chance of coming true.

One from the Three

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