Status Ailments (2)

Status Ailments are conditions that can harm or help you. These conditions can hinder a player badly, preventing them from performing their best, or doing as much damage to you or to help themselves. The way to inflict an rival with a status condition, is to use a Capsule with added effects, or by landing on the Poison Space. Also, don’t forget that there’s 2 status conditions that are actually helpful to you, they are called Happy and Love.






This is the neutral status for everyone. This just means you’re doing fine.



You will lose 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-10 turns.

Badly Poisoned

You will lose Coins each turn. It starts at 3, and doubles each turn. 3/6/12/24/48/96/192/384/768/999

10 Turns


You will move last while paralyzed, and have a 1 in 4 chance of being unable to move.

 1-4 Turns


You will lose 4-8 Coins each turn. You will also do 10% less coin damage when attacking

1-5 Turns


You will be immobilized in a block of ice.

1-3 Turns


Lasts for 3 turns, if you still have this status by then, you will lose all your Coins. Anyone you pass on the board while having this status will get the status as well.

3 Turns


Unfortunate events will happen to you each turn, whether it be losing Coins, being unable to move, or losing Capsules/Stuffers.

1-5 Turns


You will gain 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-5 Turns


You will get 3 Coins each Space you pass.

1-3 Turns


You will go crazy! You control what direction you go, but you don’t control Item Use/Space actions. The damage you do to others increase.

2-3 Turns


You are so sad and depressed… you’ll take more damage than usual from attacks…

1-3 Turns


The last Space you land on’s effects will be repeated regardless of what Space you land on after.

2-3 Turns


You’re so dizzy! You may go in a different direction then where you want to go.

1-3 Turns

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