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These are Stocking Stuffers! A type of Items designed to give you Coins/Stars to help you out when needed! They can give you serious amounts of Coins, buying these to get your Coin count up can be very useful! Don’t forget there’s a Stuffer Star as well, so using lots of Stocking Stuffers is great!





+10 Coins Stuffer

Get 10 Coins.

5 Coins

+15 Coins Stuffer

Get 15 Coins.

10 Coins

+20 Coins Stuffer

Get 20 Coins.

 15 Coins

+25 Coins Stuffer

Get 25 Coins.

20 Coins

+30 Coins Stuffer

Get 30 Coins.

25 Coins


Changes all your Stuffers to different ones.

30 Coins

Stuffer Puffer

Doubles each Coin Stuffer you have. (ex: If you have a 10 Coin Stuffer, it’ll change to 20 Coin Stuffer).

30 Coins

+35 Coins Stuffer

Get 35 Coins.

30 Coins

+40 Coins Stuffer

Get 40 Coins.

35 Coins

+45 Coins Stuffer

Get 45 Coins.

 40 Coins

+50 Coins Stuffer

Get 50 Coins.

45 Coins

+1 Star Stuffer

Get 1 Star.

50 Coins


I am a joyful 21 year old guy who loves everything Nintendo. I also happen to be the creator of MPI. I am one of the Admins on Mario Party Legacy Forums, I am a Writer and Videographer for the website, and I am one of the Lost Levels on MPL's podcast.

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