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Dull Life

┬áHave you ever been inside someone’s mind? Well, there’s a first time for everything! In this board, enter the mind of a depressed Koopa Troopa, and help him see the value of life and all it’s joys! This place may seem boring, but Spider and you know how to party! Come on; We’re going to liven up his Dull Life!

Toadette’s Fantasy

We’re entering Toadette’s Fantasy! This is the dream world of Toadette, she has dreams of returning to the Mario series, and spending time with all her friends once more! Even if it’s not happening now, it doesn’t stop her from dreaming about it! Her fantasies are filled with sunshine, rainbows, and of course, pink!

Soothing Galaxy

Let’s enter the milky way… and get some peace! Soothing Galaxy is a calm galaxy, the blue glow is filled with refreshing minerals that rejuvenate even the most stressed out person! People come to Soothing Galaxy when they need to heal themselves of the aggravation of real world drama. Spider knew Soothing Galaxy would be a perfect place for a board, and that’s why we’re here!

Aroma Resort

Aroma Resort is the newest resort in town! Run by Nastasia, she wanted a resort filled with amazing scent, amazing service, and super clean beaches. This resort is in competition with “Sunny Seafront”, you guys may remember it from the previous MPI game. Spicy Blooper is working with Scissor Queen to take this resort down, but we’re not going to let that happen!


I am a joyful 21 year old guy who loves everything Nintendo. I also happen to be the creator of MPI. I am one of the Admins on Mario Party Legacy Forums, I am a Writer and Videographer for the website, and I am one of the Lost Levels on MPL's podcast.

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