Status Ailments (3)

Status Ailments are conditions that can harm or help you. These conditions can hinder a player badly, preventing them from performing their best, or doing as much damage to you or to help themselves. The way to inflict an rival with a status condition, is to use a Capsule with added effects, or by landing on the Poison Space. Also, don’t forget that there’s actually some that help you and are not bad to have.






This is the neutral status for everyone. This just means you’re doing fine.



You will lose 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-10 turns.

Badly Poisoned

You will lose Coins each turn. It starts at 3, and doubles each turn. 3/6/12/24/48/96/192/384/768/999

10 Turns


You will move last while paralyzed, and have a 1 in 4 chance of being unable to move.

 1-4 Turns


You will lose 4-8 Coins each turn. You will also do 10% less coin damage when attacking

1-5 Turns


You will be immobilized in a block of ice.

1-3 Turns


Lasts for 3 turns, if you still have this status by then, you will lose all your Coins. Anyone you pass on the board while having this status will get the status as well.

3 Turns


Unfortunate events will happen to you each turn, whether it be losing Coins, being unable to move, or losing Capsules/Stuffers.

1-5 Turns


You will gain 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-5 Turns


You will get 3 Coins each Space you pass.

1-3 Turns


You will go crazy! You control what direction you go, but you don’t control Item Use/Space actions. The damage you do to others increase.

1-2 Turns


You are so sad and depressed… you’ll lose a lot more Coins than usual from attacks…

1-3 Turns


The last Space you land on’s effects will be repeated regardless of what Space you land on after.

2-3 Turns


You’re so dizzy! You may go in a different direction then where you want to go.

1-3 Turns


You now have Cat powers! Here are the perks: Star costs half, you get 5 Coins on whatever Space you land on, and Capsule attacks are 20% stronger.

3-5 Turns

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