Stocking Stuffers (3)

These are Stocking Stuffers! A type of Items designed to give you Coins/Stars to help you out when needed! They can give you serious amounts of Coins, buying these to get your Coin count up can be very useful! Don’t forget there’s a Stuffer Star as well, so using lots of Stocking Stuffers is great!





+10 Coins Stuffer

Get 10 Coins.

5 Coins

+15 Coins Stuffer

Get 15 Coins.

10 Coins

+20 Coins Stuffer

Get 20 Coins.

 15 Coins

+25 Coins Stuffer

Get 25 Coins.

20 Coins

+30 Coins Stuffer

Get 30 Coins.

25 Coins

+35 Coins Stuffer

Get 35 Coins.

30 Coins

+40 Coins Stuffer

Get 40 Coins.

35 Coins

+45 Coins Stuffer

Get 45 Coins.

 40 Coins

+50 Coins Stuffer

Get 50 Coins.

45 Coins

+1 Star Stuffer

Get 1 Star.

50 Coins

These Stuffers are a little more complex, in the sense they don’t just add Coins or just add Stars.






Changes all your Stuffers to different ones.

30 Coins

Stuffer Puffer

Doubles each Coin Stuffer you have. (ex: If you have a 10 Coin Stuffer, it’ll change to 20 Coin Stuffer).

30 Coins

Bowser Stuffer

Turn one rival’s Stuffers into +1 Coin Stuffers.

30 Coins

Scissor Queen Stuffer

Cut two rivals’ Stuffers in half.

30 Coins

Staryu Stuffer

When used, for the next 3 turns, any Stuffers used from other rivals will automatically be drained to this player.

30 Coins

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