Spaces (3)

Here are MPI3’s Spaces! Obvious you guys know; the whole point of MPI, traveling across a board with Spaces!  There are 24 Spaces in this new MPI game, plus the fact that Sunny weather and Rainy weather affect the Spaces’ effects, there’s just so much to study up on!


Space Name


Blue Space

Get 3 Coins.

Red Space

Lose 3 Coins.

Bowser Space

Bowser will do something dreadful to you. He has many horrible things planned, you’ll definitely lose something!

Miracle Space

Starts Chance Time!

Scissors Space

Pass one and you can take a shortcut to the next Scissors Space, anyone caught in your cutting move will lose 20 Coins. Land on it, and you get 5 Coins.

Sunflower Space

Get 1 Star and 30 Coins with no drawbacks.

P-Wing Space

Warp to any Space you want on the board. Also, gives you the P-Wing Status.

Christmas Space

Give a present to each individual rival, and they will give a present to you! You will get 3 presents!

Battle Space

 Starts a Battle Mini-Game. You will face a enemy, take em’ out by using a Capsule/Stocking Stuffer!

Wish Space

Wish for one of the following: 1 Star, 20 Coins, 1 specific Capsule, 1 specific Stuffer, Capsule Bag, or a Stuffer bag.

Poison Space

 Inflict a status ailment on one of your opponents.

Ooeeoo Space

Get the Happy status for 3-5 turns. You MAY also get the Cat status.

Tree Space

Plant a tree. After a few turns, it will grow Coins and other goodies every few turns.

Spider Space

Get bit by a spider and lose half your Coins, you may also get Poisoned. Anyone 3 Spaces away from you will get bit as well.

Blow Space

Charge compatible Capsules to become stronger. Also, heals all negative status ailments

Donut Stop Space

After using the Donut Space’s effects, this Space will replace one of the two Donut Spaces. All rivals cannot pass/land on this space. The user can pass/land freely, but landing on it does nothing.

These Spaces are the new Dual Spaces. These Spaces have 2 effects, rather than just 1 like the other Spaces. When you land on these Spaces, you choose ONE effect from the two to take place, you cannot choose both. Make sure you’re clear on which effect you want to go through.


Space Name


Capsule Space

Blue Capsule – Answer a question and get multiple Capsules.
Pink Capsule – Out of five Capsules, choose one to keep.

Stuffer Space

Green Stuffer – Start a Item Mini-Game.
Purple Stuffer – Out of three boxes, choose one, and get any Stuffer(s) inside.

Potent Space

Juicy – Get an extra 10 Coins in the next 3 Mini-Games.
Fresh – Boost a Bonus Star stat by one stage.

Party Event Space

Mini-Event – A roleplay will start, depending on your actions, something will happen.
Rhythm – Start a Rhythm Mini-Game.

Weather Space

Sunny – Boost your Star Gauge by 3 points and make it Sunny.
Pouring – Get 30 Coins and make it Rainy.

F&K Space

Fish – You and another player will get the Fish Status.
Kiss – One rival of your choice will be unable to harm you for 3 turns.

Puppy Space

Gold Lab – Get 10 Coins, and heal all your status ailments.
Black Lab – Start a 2-Player Mini-Game.

Donut Space

Glazed– At a junction, you will block a path. Everyone will be forced to take an opposite path, lasts for 3 turns.
Sprinkled – The next person to pass this junction will lose 20 Coins and they’ll go to you.

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