Last 5 Turns (3)

When the Last 5 Turns comes, hilarity will ensue! Plenty of events will take place to change up the game to allow people losing to change things around. The events on this page will show you events that can happen during this grand time. The 4 events below will always take place, then another one from the other list below it.




Last 5 Turns General

Some Spaces effects will be altered:
Blue/Red Spaces will be doubled to 6 Coins.
Fresh’s (Potent) effects triple.
Juice’s (Potent) effects triple.
Kiss’ (F&K) effects lasts 1 turn.
Fish’s (F&K) effects lasts 1 turn.
Pouring (Weather) gives 60 Coins and lasts 2 Turns.
Sunny (Weather) gives 3 Star Gauge and lasts 2 Turns.

Lucky Lotto Drawing

Everyone’s “Lucky Lotto Ticket” will be evaluated. If the 3 pictures on your ticket match the 3 pictures on the drawing board, you’ll win 100 Coins!

4th Place Love

The player in last place will receive a gift. It can be:
+1 Star
+40 Coins
1 Rare Capsule
+Boost towards all Bonus Star stats


One player will randomly be selected to receive 20 Coins.

As stated above, one of these events will be chosen to appear for the Last 5 Turns.




Red to Spider

All Red Spaces will turn into Spider Spaces.

Red to Fresh

All Red Spaces will turn into Fresh Spaces.

Sunny Ceremony

Coins will be put on all Spaces. Most Spaces have 1 Coin and others have Coin Bags, which consists of 5 Coins.

Stars for Free

Stars will be free of charge now!

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