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Floral Road

Floral Road is a private garden road near the city. This path is filled with all sorts of flowers, and other greenery too. The magical thing about this place is that a magic Sprixie guards this place; her presence allows the flowers here to never wilt, and live forever. People all over the Sprixie Kingdom come to this place to plant flowers, knowing they’ll never die.


Candy Trail

Welcome to the Candy Trail! This is a mostly one-way board with candy everywhere! Candy Trail is known to have the best candy around; the candy here is made with the sweetest and sourest of flavors for candy lovers of all types. As you’re walking through Candy Trail, feel free to take a piece of candy!


Fifth Dimension

People always see stuff in 3-D… well, how about seeing things in 5-D? Fifth Dimension is an alternate reality, showing how things are really in the world. It may scare you, seeing the thunder-storms, and the falling moon… we can fix this though, with the power of the stars, we can make the Fifth Dimension a better place!


Horror Land 

Horror Land is back from the original “Mario Party 2” classic. Horror Land is still bone-chilling, with tons of Boos, pumpkins galore, and of course the tree’s dark shadows that grow long and monstrous as night falls… This recreated place may be safe from Bowser, but the envirenment might get to you!


Dizzy Daze

Gah! The Scissor Queen has trapped us in this room of confusion! This room is so weird… with whirlpools of confusion, and the odd blending colors… If we stay in here too long, something bad might happen to us! We got to use the power of the stars to break out of this cursed place, and take down Scissor Queen!


Ooeeoo Dream

Ooeeoo Dream. The sweet, marvelous, and calm sounds of ooeeoo, ooeeoo, ooeeoo, ooeeooeeooee! This fantastical dream is a virtual paradise where your heart will always be in content. Enjoy the paradisiacal dream world where happiness blooms everywhere. You will never catch a downed individual in this dream fantasy. It’s a dream where you can do anything you put your mind into! Happy Paradiso!

Toy Land

Toy Land! Toy Land! This board is a wonderous land for girls and boys, because it’s filled with so much toys! This board has tons of Capsule and Stocking Stuffer Spaces so you’ll be stocked up on so much Items! This board will be great fun for players who like that type of style!


Amalondria’s Resort

Amalondria, fish of the sea, queen clown fish. Amalondria is a notorious trouble maker in the MPI series, she has worked with Bowser and the Scissor Queen numerous times. Once Scissor Queen got beaten down by Nastasia and friends, she went and told Amalondria all about it. Amalondria was FURIOUS, she’s best friends with Scissor Queen, she wasn’t going to let Nastasia just get away with such behavior. So she thought what better way to get back at Nastasia, then to ruin her business? So Amalondria has launched her own resort, and she welcomes you to it!


Dual Destinies 

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