There are 7 Stages in this Forum Game. Each Board Map has it’s own unique features and number of challenges.

Starlight Galaxy is a Galaxy located near the Comet Observatory where Rosalina resides. The residents of the Galaxy needs your help to retrieve the Grand Star which Kamella stole from them. She been wreaking havoc in the galaxy. She done created Black Holes in the Galaxy and rearranged the Asteroid Belt. You have to stop her dead in her tracks!


  1. Black Hole Challenge – Get to the other Challenge Space. Land on a White Star in order not to get sucked in. Land on a Purple Star and you will get sucked in one level. Land on a Green Space to swim out.
  2. Asteroid Belt Challenge – When approaching a Challenge Space, whatever number of spaces you have left, you can take the Shortcut. Don’t even dare to land on those Event Spaces. If you’re stupid to do so, you will lose 3 turns…

Futuristic City is a city built in respect to the future. Solar Panels and projected platforms make this place extravagant although the place is still under construction. Thunder Lakitu found out that this city will reproduce it’s own electricity so he decided to rob the city of his power. Later on Thunder Lakitu found out the source of the city’s true power, some glowing orbs called sols. Your job is to forcibly make Thunder Lakitu return the sols and leave the city for good!


  1. Power Grid Challenge – Make a path to the other Challenge Space. The panels are randomly charged so step on the wrong one and you’re toast and you will go back to the space you started at. Dice Block rolls are used here. Land on an Event Space in order reveal if a random panel is charged or not.
  2. Solar Panel Bridge Challenge – Make it to the other side of the bridge. Land on an Event Space and you will get zapped all the way back to the Challenge Space.
  3. Warp Power Challenge – Produce 20 units of power. You only can use Normal Dice Blocks to power it up. Try to go around as much as you can to quickly charge the power.

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