Status Screen

With MPFS being updated and modified, the Status Screen had a major innovation and change. Many things are modified and now due to the rule changes and such. Below will be the new Status Screen with Black Numbers added where that section will be explained in depth.

1. Character – Displays the character with these credentials
2. Spaces Remaining – Displays the space you have to encounter and how many spaces away from it you are (Usually show Challenge or Final Space)
3. Dice Blocks – Displays the Dice Blocks that the player currently have
4. In Use Dice Blocks – Displays the Dice Blocks that will be in use for that turn
5. Standings – Displays the current standings of the player
6. Turn & Mini-Game Meter – Displays the Current Turn. Also displays how long it take for a Dice Block Mini-Game
7. Board Map – Displays the Board Map that is being played


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