Spaces (4)

Look at the new MPI4 Spaces! With new designs, and new effects; there’s a lot to study up on! For new time Mario Party fans who don’t know, these Spaces are the whole point of the game! You travel the board going across different Spaces, each Space counting 1 towards your roll. There are 25 Spaces in this new MPI game!


Space Name


Blue Space

Get 3 Coins.

Red Space

Lose 3 Coins.

Bowser Space

Bowser will do something dreadful to you. He has many horrible things planned, you’ll definitely lose something!

Blue Capsule Space

Answer a question, depending on your answer, you may receive multiple Capsules.

Pink Capsule Space

 A bunch of Capsules appear before you, you can choose one to keep, and only one.

Green Stocking Space

 You will play an Item Mini-Game to win 3-5 Stuffers!

Purple Stocking Space

  3 boxes appear before you, choose one, and get one or more random Stuffer(s)!

Fresh Space

Boost a Bonus Star stat by one stage.

Scissors Space

 Pass one and you can take a shortcut to the next Scissors Space, anyone caught in your cutting move will lose 20 Coins. Land on it, and you get 5 Coins.

Battle Space

 Starts a Battle Mini-Game. You will face a enemy, beat his/her score in the Battle Mini-Game to win a prize of your choice.

Wish Space

Wish for one of the following: 1 Star, 20 Coins, 1 specific Capsule, 1 specific Stuffer, Capsule Bag, or a Stuffer bag.

Pouring Space

Get 30 Coins!

Stop! Space

When you pass this Space, you are forced to stop on it. Nothing happens when landing on it.

1-Player Space

 Starts a 1-Player Mini-Game.

Mirage Space

 A random Space effect will happen.

Poison Space

 Inflict a status ailment on one of your opponents.

Ghost Space

Take either 1 Capsule or 1 Stuffer from a player of your choice.

Juicy Space

Get an extra 10 Coins for the next 2 Mini-Games you play, even if you lose. Occasionally starts a Juice Mini-Game.

Spider Space

 Get bit by a spider and lose half your Coins. Anyone 3 Spaces away from you will get bit as well.

Blow Space

Charge compatible Capsules to become stronger. Also, heals all negative status ailments

Blast Space

Blast a burst of stars at everyone making them lose 1/3/5/10/15/20/30 Coins.

Rockin’ Space

 Everyone gets 20 Coins.

Royal Space

You are protected from all attacks for 3 turns.

Recycle Space

Trade one of your un-wanted Capsules for a new one.

Thunder Space

Thunder comes down and shocks both your rivals. They will lose 10 Coins, and they will become tiny, rolling a 1-5 Dice Block. May also Paralyze.

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