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For the MPI4+ game, players will have 3 abilities. 2 of them being normal abilities you choose, the other 1 being a hidden ability. Unlike the other 2 abilities, you can’t choose your hidden ability, it will be a randomly selected ability from the list below. Abilities have a lot of strategy in them; make sure you choose the right abilities to start! Some abilities cannot be paired together, so be aware of that. If you wanna change your Ability, go to your Spin Wheel and use “Ability Change”, it’ll cost 20 Coins to change your Ability.

Fire Master:
30% chance that you will get a free extra fireball attack when you use the Fire Flower Capsule. This ability also increase the likely hood of you burning a player when using Capsules like the Fire Flower Capsule.

Scaredy Cat:
When you are attacked by Capsules like ChaCha Heels or Cross Poison, you will lose 10% less Coins than you would normally lose. This doesn’t work on Capsule Attacks, this works on Boo/Big Boo attacks as well. The Scaredy Cat ability shaves off coin loss, so it can be very useful to lose less Coins. Especially useful on Critical Hits.

Magic Parasol:
Every time someone attacks you with Capsules or Boo attacks; there’s a 1 out of 8 chance, it will fail.  With this ability, you can ensure you will get protected by some hits. Though it is relying on luck, you never know when it’s power will activate. It could protect you from very crucial attacks.

Egg Surprise:
With this ability, there’s a 30% chance every turn you might get a egg gift. What exactly could the gift be? It could be a Capsule, a Stuffer, some Coins (1-10 Coins), a Bonus Star stat boost; anything’s possible! Sometimes, it could be a dud though, or something that actually harms you, like a visit from Bowser…

Juicy Boosts:
There’s a 30% chance every turn one of your Bonus Star stats will go up by a small percent. For Mini-Game Star, Coin Star, and Miss Star, it can go up by 1/3/5/10.  For Blue Star and Stuffer Star, it can go up by 1/2/3.  Blue and Stuffer are A LOT more rare to get, simply due to how powerful a boost to their stats could be.

No Shade:
With this ability, you will be getting a lot more Critical Hits against others, and on you. Don’t get down though, the chance of you getting a critical hit on others is boosted fairly, the percentage for critical hits on you is not boosted as high. This ability works well with Capsules like Cross Poison, Charge Beam, and the Elemental Capsules.

Star Attract:
1 out of 10 chance every turn you will get a Star. This ability relies purely on luck to randomly give you stars. Can you trust it? Well, if you trust luck, sure. You know what they say, you never know.

Capsules with low hit-rate like Zap Cannon, Fissure, and Blood Scratch will always hit.

Poison Heal:
When Poisoned or Badly Poisoned, you will gain 3-5 Coins through out the Poison’s duration, rather than losing Coins. You can only be Badly Poisoned by the Toxic Capsule, so because of that, B.Poison with Poison Heal will only last 5 turns.

When Paralyzed, you will always go first. Players with the “Quickster” ability also don’t have to worry about potentially being gripped by Paralysis.

Bowser Buddy:
This player cannot be sent to Bowser in any way, shape, or form. You are protected from the nasty Bowser Spaces as well.

Blow Hard:
Lowers the chances of you receiving “additional effects” when hit by rivals Capsules. For instance, if someone uses Jolt Flower on you, the chance of you being Paralyzed by it is EXTREMELY low.

Beauty’s Soul:
30% chance every turn that at the END of your turn, you may be given the option to move 1-3 Spaces from where you landed. Can be a nice option if you ever are in trouble of landing on Spaces like the Bowser Space or the Spider Space.

Special Wig:
Wearing the Special Wig gives you random spouts of increased luck, and decreased luck. Hmmm, what does that mean you ask? Don’t freak out, it’s not drastic! But, well, the “luck” means you’re chances of something happening. Like with Capsules, the “luck” of getting additional effects from Capsules like ChaCha Heels. When your luck is increased, you would of have more of a chance to Poison a foe using your ChaCha Heels. But with decreased luck, there’s a less of a chance the Poison effect would work. You will be told when the luck is increased/decreased, so you can plan a strategy around it. It’s definitely something to consider.

No Items:
This player can’t use Capsules, nor be affected them. So it means that the player with this ability, essentially is protected by all Capsules. The bad thing is, you can’t use Capsules as well, so you will have no offensive game. This is a good defensive thing though, you’re protected from Capsules, so use this time to build things up. You can still use Stuffers, so maybe build up your Coin count, or something. Have a strategy in mind, cuz no one is allowed to have this ability for longer than 5 turns. And this ability will auto-end and cannot be started when the Last 5 Turns comes along.

“What’s the point to this ability? It’s useless; literally!”. People who say that obviously don’t know what the ability’s real purpose is. If a rival uses a Capsule on you, there’s a 1 in 3 chance you will spread this ability to your rival, overwriting one of their abilities. This ability’s point is to annoy your rivals, if one of their abilities gets overwritten, it will cost A LOT of Coins to get it changed again.

Lobster Claw:
Lobster Claw is the Life Orb of MPI3. Basically it boosts Capsule ATTACKS power by 30%. So let’s say we have… the Cross Poison Capsule, right? It usually deals 20 Coins loss on a player. Well, with Lobster Claw, Cross Poison would make a rival lose 26 Coins rather than just 20; see the difference? Dealing more damage is at a cost though, you will lose 5 Coins every time you use a Capsule attack. To counter-act this, use lots of Stuffers.

Too Close for Comfort:
This is a very unique, new ability. With this, basically even if players move before you, you will be un-affected by their Capsule attacks; including actual attacks or status inducing moves. This is very useful in not being screwed up by a player’s attack, so you’ll never be screwed out of getting the Star! There’s a cost though… the turn you’re attacked, you will NOT be able to use your Spin Wheel. This is en-forced so players don’t try to break the game by just buying Items to nullify rivals’ effects.

The last person to use a Capsule attack on you, will suffer a grudge… this “grudge” will make your next Capsule Attack be boosted by 30% on that rival. Unlike Lobster Claw, there’s no cost on you. But remember, this is only on ONE last person to hit you. If two people hit you on the same turn, only the second person will suffer your grudge.

True Blue:
With this ability, every time you land on the Blue Space, the Coins you get are doubled. Normally, the Blue Space just offers 3 Coins, but for you, they offer 6 Coins at almost all times. Last 5 Turns, it will stay at 6 Coins for you! It’s never been better to land on the Blue Space!

Lezzie Absorb:
Alright, lezzies! Every turn, you will get 3 Coins from a random player. Like stated, it’s chosen randomly, you may not get to choose, but hey, a free 3 Coins every turn!? That’s awesome!  Relying on luck, it may just be the thing you need right before a player moves!

Just Lucky:
You’re just lucky, aren’t you? Everyone knows there’s a certain set amount of Hidden Blocks on the board. However, with this ability, there’s EVEN more Hidden Blocks awaiting on Blue Spaces; and the best part is, their just for you! If you’re feeling lucky, take this ability to snag some more Hidden Blocks.

Cactus Stab:
If you pass someone on the board, they lose 5 Coins. If someone passes you on the board, they lose 5 Coins. It doesn’t matter, regardless of how it is; passing you on the board is a bad idea! Because you will take 5 Coins from them, so players with this ability should purposely try to go near others. Heck, you should get the Leaf/Super Leaf Capsule, and stab players with this ability + Capsule power, haha! One thing to note, this activates starting Turn 2.

You cannot be Frozen.

Penny Saver:
Sometimes, the prices at the Item Shop cost just TOO much money!  With this ability, you save 1 Coin on every Capsule or Stuffer you purchase. So, let’s say for like the Mushroom Capsule, right? That Capsule costs 5 Coins. With this ability, that Capsule will cost 4 Coins. If you’re a huge shopper, and buy multiple stuff, you’ll notice the difference! You know what they say, sometimes 1 Coin DOES make a difference!

Assist Block:
When in 4th place, you will receive a power boost of 50% to attacking Capsules. Here’s an example: Instead of the Cross Poison Capsule doing 20 Coins coin loss to a rival, it will do 30 Coins! But only if you’re in 4th place! People with this ability should lag behind, to do some extra hurt to their 1st place competitions! (CAN’T BE USED THIS MPI)

Baseball Pro:
Batter up! There’s a 1 in 3 chance every turn that you may get a free Baseball to throw at an opponent! This baseball will make the chosen victim lose 5 Coins, which anything that makes your rivals lose Coins is very useful. This ability is great if you’re looking for an extra ability to help you out.

Wave Beam:
You know the Charge Beam Capsule right? Well, with this ability, your Charge Beam is updated to the Wave Beam! The Wave Beam Capsule is a lot stronger than it’s predecessor, making one rival lose 60 Coins rather than just 30 Coins! It still needs charging though, but the Capsule is at the same price! The Wave Beam Capsule is a lot stronger and better than the Charge Beam, so definitely considering having this ability; you cannot get Wave Beam any normal way without it!

Quick Cure:
Are you sick of always getting the bad status ailments!? Well, look no further! With this ability, any status ailments you receive will not last long. Yes, the duration of the nasty ailment will be cut in half, so you’ll rarely be corrupted with anything for long! Great for players who don’t wanna deal with constant status troubles.

Spider Boost:
When you land on the Spider Space, you will receive double the points for your Miss Star stat! Don’t worry, you don’t lose double the Coins! This just affects the Bonus Star stat! This is useful for players who use the Spider Space strategically, landing on it to boost their Miss Star stat.

Hold Fast:
When you are attacked with a Capsule, the player inducing the harm will lose 3 Coins. It’s not much, but it can add up if you are constantly attacked.

The Ghost Space, Boo, and Big Boo will have no affect on you.

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