Mini-Games (4)

Mini-Games are short, fun games that are played at the end of each turn. If you’re a Mario Party fan, you know how they work! Read the rules and perform the actions the mini-games tell you to do, if you win, usually you’ll win Coins. The payout varies, so pay attention to how much you can win; you may just win big! Each Mini-Game also has a Bonus objective you can try to get to win some extra money. Below are the many different Mini-Games in MPI4!


4-Player Mini-Games

4-Player Mini-Games are the most common type of Mini-Games you’ll be seeing. Everyone’s in it for themselves in these games, so try your best to come out on top! Even though this is 4-Player, multiple players can win in some of the Mini-Games. Payouts vary, but the majority of the time it’s 10 Coins for the victor. There’s a total of 40 Mini-Games in the 4-Player category.

10 to Win


Ama’s Octopus

Basket Case

Blind Shot

Brick Break

Dig My Wig


Dr. Mario

Figure It Out

First Served

Fraction Traction


Frisbee Toss

Give Me 30!

Gotta Beat Em’ All!


Hot Mess



Pity Days

Pure Chance

Rocky Road

Send Me a Favor

Sentence Builder

Shell Smash

Shroom Tune

Soul Inside


Target Target


The Times

Thrash and Bash

Three’s the Limit

Thwomps On My Feet


Voltage Outage

Water Exhaustion

Wishing On a Star

Your Fault


Coin Mini-Games

Coin Mini-Games are a bit different than your average 4-Player Mini-Games! These Mini-Games are strictly dedicated to getting as much Coins as you can! You can expect to get a ton of Coins when these games come around! There are a total of 6 Coin Mini-Games.


Grab Bag

Ooh Run-Run

Rocky Road

Soul Inside

Spin Aract


 2VS2 Mini-Games

You and your partner will work together in these Mini-Games! Play the flash game and try to get a high score, once you and your partner send in your scores, they will be combined. The team that has the highest score together, wins! There’s a total of 14 2vs2 Mini-Games.

Black Wetdow

Click Clash

Dual Shock

Flower Power

Fly By

Mario Memory

Mixed Lights


Piling Worm

Pokémon Showdown


Tetris Arena




1-Player Mini-Games

1-Player Mini-Games are a special type of Mini-Game, that can ONLY be played if you land on the 1-Player Space. These Mini-Games are pretty straight forward for the player, and will definitely be beneficial in helping that player win! There are a total of 10 Mini-Games in the 1-Player category.

Alpha Bet

Bowser’s Doors of Fate

Bowser’s Imp

Crane Game

Dr. Mario


Ice Scheme

My Choice

She Works Hard for the Money

Wrapped in Chains


Special Mini-Games

These Mini-Games are played differently, thus why their all in the same group. The majority of them are activated by landing on a Space, an example, Battle Mini-Games can only be played through landing on the Battle Space. While some of these Mini-Games are played at the end of the turn, like Rhythm Mini-Games. These Mini-Games are interesting, and you’ll always have fun when they pop up! Here’s how you can play these Mini-Games:

Juice Mini-Game – Started randomly at the end of the turn, or 33.3% chance of it starting by landing on the Juice Space.
Rhythm Mini-Game – Started randomly at the end of the turn.
Battle Mini-Game – Started by landing on the Battle Space.
Item Mini-Game – Started by landing on the Green Stuffer Space.

Juice Mini-Game

Rhythm Mini-Game

Battle Mini-Game

Item Mini-Game

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