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Status Ailments are conditions that can harm or help you. These conditions can hinder a player badly, preventing them from performing their best, or to help the user gain more coins or have more power. The way to inflict an rival with a status condition, is to use a Status-Capsule, a Capsule with added effects, or by landing on the Poison Space. Repeating what was mentioned up there, some Status Ailments are ACTUALLY helpful! Pay attention to the descriptions!

Normal Status Condition

This is the O.K. status. This is just the basic template when you have no status ailments, harmful or not.






This is the neutral status for everyone. This just means you’re doing fine.



Major Status Conditions

These status ailments are major status conditions, meaning they can’t be stacked. For a better example, think of it this way: If you are “Paralyzed”, you can’t also be “Burned” or “Frozen”; it’s one or the other, not both.

Badly Poisoned

You will lose Coins each turn. It starts at 3, and doubles each turn. 3/6/12/24/48/96/192/384/768/999

10 Turns


You will move last while paralyzed, and have a 1 in 4 chance of being unable to move.

 1-4 Turns


You will lose 4-8 Coins each turn. You will also do 10% less coin damage when attacking

1-5 Turns


You will be immobilized in a block of ice.

2 Turns


Stackable Status Conditions

These Status conditions can be stacked. Meaning you can be Poisoned, Fish’d, Cursed, and Happy all at once! Keep in mind, you can have one major status condition and have a bunch of stackable conditions.






You will lose 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-10 Turns


Lasts for 3 turns, if you still have this status by then, you will lose all your Coins. Anyone you pass on the board while having this status will get the status as well.

3 Turns


Unfortunate events will happen to you each turn, whether it be losing Coins, being unable to move, or losing Capsules/Stuffers.

1-5 Turns


You are so sad and depressed… you’ll lose a lot more Coins than usual from attacks…

1-3 Turns


You will gain 3-5 Coins at the start of each turn if you have this condition.

3-5 Turns


You will get 3 Coins each Space you pass.

1-3 Turns


Transformation Status Conditions

Transforming time! Having a status condition like one of these gives you special powers, and perks that will help you perform better, and have an easier time dishing out pain! They work just like major status conditions, in which you can only have one at a time.






Massive power is at your hands! Every player you pass loses 30 Coins, and Capsule power is boosted by 30%.

1-3 Turns


You now have Cat powers! Here are the perks: Star costs half, you get 5 Coins on whatever Space you land on, and Capsule power is boosted by 20%.

3-5 Turns


You now have a Boomerang power! At the start of each turn, you will choose 1 player to lose 5 Coins. Also gives you a massive 50% Capsule power boost.

1-3 Turns


You now have Tanuki power! Your Dice Block will be 10-20, players passed will lose 10 Coins, and Capsule prices are reduced by 30%.

1-3 Turns

Brick Block

You now have rock defense! The Brick Block reduces attacks by 50%, Spider Space just increases Miss Star, and Stuffer prices are reduced by 30%.

1-3 Turns


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