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MPI5 is coming on strong with some great new Spaces, along with the retro ones you know and love from MPI4! For new time Mario Party fans who don’t know, these Spaces are the whole point of the game! You travel the board going across different Spaces, each Space counting 1 towards your roll.

There are 21 Spaces in this new MPI game! These Spaces can be found on all Boards! There are more Spaces down below!


Space Name


Blue Space

Get 3 Coins.

Red Space

Lose 3 Coins.

Bowser Space

Bowser will do something dreadful to you. He has many horrible things planned, you’ll definitely lose something!

Star Space

This is a very important Space, this is where you buy Stars!
Buy the Star for 20 Coins!
(Note, this Space does NOT count towards your dice block!)

Item Space

Answer a question or choose from a list; you’ll get Capsules here.

Stocking Space

Choose 1 Stocking from a list; you’ll get Stuffers here.

Fresh Space

Boost a Bonus Star stat by 1 stage.

Scissors Space

Pass this and take a shortcut on the board. Costs 5 Coins to do so.
Land here, and you’ll get 5 Coins.

Battle Space

Starts a Battle Mini-game. Players will put Coins in the jackpot, and the winner will get the most Coins.

Stop! Space

Pass this, and you will be forced to STOP! right on this Space.
Land here, and you’ll get 5 Coins.

Pouring Space

Get 30 Coins!

1-Player Space

Starts a 1-Player Mini-game.

Mirage Space

Each Mirage Space has a hidden Space beneath it!
A random Space effect will happen when you land here!
Once activated, the Mirage Space will revert to a new Space.

Poison Space

Inflict a Status Ailment on one of your rivals.

Juicy Space

Get an extra 10 Coins for the next 2 Mini-games.
Also, occasionally starts a Juice Mini-game!

Spider Space

Lose half of your Coins.
Rivals 3 Spaces away will also lose half their Coins.

Blast Space

Blast a burst of stars at all rivals!
Each rival will lose 1/3/5/10/15/20/30 Coin(s).

Flora Space

 Regenerate Coins. Each time you land here you get more. 3/5/10/20/40/80/100

Shade Space

Pick Mr. or Mrs. Shade for a different effect:
Mr. Shade
 – Make one player lose 40 Coins.
Mrs. Shade – Make one player drop one stage in three Bonus Star stats.

Sundae Space

Get any 1 Capsule or 1 Stuffer of your choice.

Bless Space

Gives the player in Last Place a present.
You will receive a Star at the end of the game.


The following 3 Spaces are Trap Spaces! They are set-up on other Spaces when players use trap Capsules like Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Starfish respectively!


Space Name


Spikes Space

Set this up on a Space, and scatter Spikes everywhere! A rival that passes/lands on this, will lose 10 Coins and they will go to the user! (Set up to 5 Spaces away from you in any direction)

Toxic Spikes Space

Set this up on a Space, and scatter Toxic Spikes everywhere! A rival that passes/lands on this, will gain the Poisoned or Badly Poisoned status!
(Set up to 5 Spaces away from you in any direction)

Starfish Space

Set a sinister Starfish up on a Space! A rival that passes/lands on this, will lose a random Capsule or a Stuffer, depending on what you set it to.
(Set up to 5 Spaces away from you in any direction)


These are Special Spaces! They’re special because they’re exclusive to one board! Make sure you read their effects so you understand how they go along with their respective board!


Space Name


Exclusive to

x2 Space

Roll again. Swifty Speedway

Reverse Space

Roll again,
but you’ll be going backwards.
Swifty Speedway

Duel Space

Starts a Duel Mini-game.
Choose how many Coins are bet, you can also bet 1 Star!
Swifty Speedway

Miracle Space

Starts the Chance Time Mini-game!
Stars and/or Coins will be swapped!
Stardust Stadium

Meteor Space

Starts a Meteor Mini-game!
One lucky player will receive a Star!
Stardust Stadium

Comet Space

Rivals in the main Star zone will be hit with Comets!
They’ll each lose 10 Coins, and the Coins will go to you!
Stardust Stadium

Sun Space

Boosts your Star Gauge by 3 stages. Misty Rainforest

Fire Space

Puts devastating fire on all negative Spaces, if anyone passes those spaces, they will lose 5 Coins. Misty Rainforest

Shower Space

Puts healthy water on all positive Spaces, if anyone passes those spaces, they will gain 5 Coins. Misty Rainforest

Rockin’ Space

Everyone gets 20 Coins! Blizzard Brouhaha

Recycle Space

Recycle one of your un-wanted Capsules with a brand new one! You can still take one if you don’t have any Capsules! Blizzard Brouhaha

Warp Space

Warp to a rival’s location on the board. Vehement Volcano

Rocket Space

Starts a Rocket Mini-game!
Works just like the Battle Space, except payouts are different!
1st place gets 80%, 2nd place gets 20% of the jackpot!
Vehement Volcano

Cake Space

Boosts ALL Bonus Star stats by 1 stage. Scissor Queen’s Patisserie

Wish Space

Make a wish… it may or may not come true!
Wish for one of the following: Coins, Stars, Items, or Stuffers!
Scissor Queen’s Patisserie

Love Letter Space

Get +3-5 Love Letters!
There could be Coins, Items… and so much more inside!
Vivid Vicinity

Open Letter Space

Go on a Love Quest!
You’ll get tons a big present for doing so!
Vivid Vicinity

Kiss Space

Kiss a rival of your choice!
They will be unable to harm you for 3 turns!
Fate’s Forest

Ooeeoo Space

Cast a happy spell!
Giving you the Happy Status for 3 turns!
Fate’s Forest

Fish Space

You and another rival will receive the Fish Status!
You lose ALL your Coins if you don’t get rid of it in 3 turns!
Fate’s Forest

Miss Space

Force one rival to Miss their turn! They will be unable to move!
You can only land on this three times.
Neon Crescendo

BugaBoo Space

Gain the BugaBoo status for 3 turns!
You will annoy your rivals with this status!
Neon Crescendo

Game Wizard Space

Starts a Game Wizard Minigame.
You will face the Game Wizard in a flash game, and you have to try to beat his score, to win the prize!
Game Wizard Enterprise

Rhythm Space

Starts a Rhythm Minigame.
Claim what you’ll press and then send it in!
Depending on the team,
Game Wizard Enterprise

Slots Space

Starts a Slots Minigame.
Choose 3 numbers from 1-10; you can pick the same number multiple times. Depending on the roulette, you might get a prize!
Game Wizard Enterprise

Lucky Slots Space

Starts a LUCKY Slots Minigame.
Same as the normal Slots Minigame, choose 3 numbers from 1-10.
The difference is it’s a lot easier to win this version!
Game Wizard Enterprise

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