Stocking Stuffers (5)

These are Stocking Stuffers! Often nicknamed simply Stuffers, these are a separate Item system designed to give you Coins/Stars to help you out when needed! Ever have trouble getting Coins? Then these are for you! They can give you serious amounts of Coins, helping you get to reach high Coin counts with ease! There’s also two Star Stuffers that give you stars, and “special” Stuffers that help you control other people’s Stocking Stuffers.

Normal Stuffers

These are the most simple Stuffers to understand. Simply use it, and you get what’s shown on the Stuffer. Here’s an example, if you use the +10 Coins Stuffer, you get 10 Coins! Very simple, right?





+10 Coins Stuffer

Get 10 Coins.

5 Coins

+15 Coins Stuffer

Get 15 Coins.

10 Coins

+20 Coins Stuffer

Get 20 Coins.

 15 Coins

+25 Coins Stuffer

Get 25 Coins.

20 Coins

+1 Star Stuffer

Get 1 Star.

25 Coins

+30 Coins Stuffer

Get 30 Coins.

25 Coins

+35 Coins Stuffer

Get 35 Coins.

30 Coins

+40 Coins Stuffer

Get 40 Coins.

35 Coins

+45 Coins Stuffer

Get 45 Coins.

 40 Coins

+50 Coins Stuffer

Get 50 Coins.

45 Coins

+2 Stars Stuffer

Get 2 Stars.

50 Coins

Special Stuffers

These Stuffers are meant to affect your and/or other player’s inventory of Stuffers. These will mess your rivals up, or help you out drastically!





Bowser Stuffer

Annoy a rival by forcing a Bowser Stuffer in their inventory, effectively wasting a slot! The rival will have to discard the Stuffer to get rid of it.

10 Coins

Staryu Stuffer

Boosts 3 of your Stuffers by 10 Coins. An example, your 20 Coins Stuffer will change into a 30 Coins Stuffer.

 15 Coins

Scissor Queen Stuffer

Take one rival’s Stuffer, and split it between you both. An example, if Mario has a 50 Coins Stuffer & you use this on him, you both get 25 Coins.

20 Coins

Kirby Stuffer

Copies the exact Stuffer inventory of one player, removing all your old ones.

30 Coins

Stuffer Puffer

Doubles each Stuffer, 10 Coins Stuffers become 20 Coins Stuffers and so on, the max a Stuffer can become is 50 Coins. Doesn’t work on Star Stuffers.

30 Coins


Changes all your Stuffers into something new.

30 Coins

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