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Mailbag System

In Vivid Vicinity, there’s a special Mailbag System! Think of the Mailbag system as pretty much another Item System, being added on to the game. These Love Letters you receive are gifts from your fans! You get them primarily by passing/landing on a Love Letter Space, but there are other ways you can get Letters on this board! Here are some:

-Landing on a Love Letter Space. (+3-5 Letters)
-Passing a Love Letter Space. (+1-2 Letters)
-Winning a Minigame. (+1-2 Letters)
-Landing on a Blue Space. (+1 Letter)
-Landing on a Mirage Space. (+1 Letter)

Letters from Love Letter Spaces/etc.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the point of getting these Love Letters? Like… what’s inside of them?”. Well, they give you boosts! Coins, Items, etc. There are all sorts of boosts you get from simply getting a Letter and opening it! You can open as many Letters as you want per turn. You can only have up to 6 Letters at one time. These are all Letters you get from the Love Letter Space + the other actions mentioned above!

+1 to 10 Coins
+Stocking Stuffers
+Lotto Tickets
+Star Gauge boost
+Shield protection for 1 turn
+Bonus Star stat boosts

Open Letter Spaces + Open Letter Love Quests

Open Letter Spaces work a bit differently than Love Letter Spaces. If you pass the Open Letter Space, you will have the option to take one Love Quest. If you land here, you can take up to 5. What’s a Love Quest? Well, you’ll be asked to take the love letter(s), to another specific spot on the board. If you successfully do this within 5 turns, you will receive an awesome present, that’s significantly bigger than the tiny presents you get from Love Letters! One example being a Star! Also, yes, they take up space in your Mailbag!┬áHere’s the list of rewards you have a chance of earning:

+40 Coins
+1 Star
+1 Rare Capsule
+Multiple Capsules
+Multiple Stuffers
+3 Coupons
+5 Lotto Tickets
+Star Gauge boost by 3 stages
+Shield protection for 2 turns
+Bonus Star stat boost by 3 stages



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