Status Capsules

Status Capsules

Status Capsules are Items that give your rivals negative Status Ailments! Giving rivals statuses like Poisoned, Paralyzed, Burned, and many more!





Toxic Capsule

Make one player receive the “Badly Poisoned” status.

 10 Coins

Thunder Wave Capsule

Make one player receive the “Paralyzed” status.

 10 Coins

Podoboo Capsule

Make one player receive the “Burned” status.

 10 Coins

Spider Web Capsule

Constrict a player with web, giving them the Webbed status. Their Abilities will be useless for 3 turns.

 10 Coins

Rainbow Spell Capsule

Make one rival obtain the Poisoned status or the Cursed status!

 10 Coins

Dubious Bandage Capsule

Place a Dubious Bandage on a rival, giving them the Unlucky status for 2-3 turns!

 10 Coins

Disable Capsule

Give a rival the Disabled status, preventing them from using any Items for 2-3 turns!

 15 Coins

Golden Rain Capsule

Make one player receive the “Sadness” status.
They will lose more Coins when attacked, and Critical Hits are more common on them.

 15 Coins

Amalondria’s Curse Capsule

Amalondria curses a player of your choice with the Fish status. In 3 turns, the chosen rival will lose all their Coins. This version of the Fish status CANNOT be cured.

 15 Coins

Status of All Trades Capsule

Your rivals will all receive a different status ailment. The selection is Poisoned, Paralyzed, and Burned. Distribute how you want!

20 Coins

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