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All the current Items in the Mario Party version of MPI!

Mushroom Capsule

Roll 2 Dice Blocks.

 5 Coins

Mini Mushroom Capsule

Force yourself or a rival to roll a 1-5 on their Dice Block.

 5 Coins

Reverse Mushroom Capsule

Force yourself or a rival to roll backwards on their Dice Roll.

 5 Coins

Sparky Sticker Capsule

Place on any Space up to 5 Spaces away from you. Rivals who pass this will lose 10 Coins and they will go to you.

 5 Coins

Cellular Shopper Capsule

Call the Item Shop to buy some Items, or you can call the Lotto Shop and buy a Lottery ticket.

 5 Coins

Gold Mushroom Capsule

Roll 3 Dice Blocks.

 10 Coins

Warp Pipe Capsule

Choose a rival to warp places with.

 10 Coins

Love Capsule

Get 3 Coins per Space you pass.

 10 Coins

Double Dip Capsule

Use 2 Items in 1 turn.

 10 Coins

Gaddlight Capsule

Automatically protects you when targeted by Boo.

 10 Coins

Slow Dice Block Capsule

Pick what to roll from 1-10.

 10 Coins

Staryu Duel Capsule

Start a Duel Minigame with 1 of your rivals. Choose how many Coins to bet, you can even add in Stars!

 10 Coins

Mega Mushroom Capsule

Take 20 Coins from any rival you pass.

 10 Coins

Fire Flower Capsule

Distribute 5 Fireballs between your rivals. Each Fireball is worth 3 Coins.

 10 Coins

Nabbit Capsule

Call Nabbit to steal an Item from a rival of your choice.

 10 Coins

Bowser Phone Capsule

Call Bowser, and force yourself or a rival to visit him.

 10 Coins

Ashley Capsule

Call Ashley to move the Star to a new location.

 10 Coins

Control Capsule

Force yourself or a rival to move last. This works even if the targetted player has already made their move.

 10 Coins

Assist Block Capsule

Get 20 Coins, roll 3 Dice Blocks, and protects you from almost all Capsule attacks for 1 turn. Only can be bought when you’re in 4th Place.

 10 Coins

Boo Bell Capsule

Summon Boo to steal Coins or Stars from a rival of your choice.

 15 Coins

Fresh Orange Capsule

Boost a Bonus Star stat of your choice.

 15 Coins

Double Cherry Capsule

Make the next Space you or your rival lands on count twice.

 15 Coins

Super Horn Capsule

Blocks almost all Capsules attacks, also blocks the Blast Space. This does not, however, protect against Boo’s Stealing Service.

 15 Coins

Rainbow Portal Capsule

Takes you directly to the Star Space.

 20 Coins

Triple Dip Capsule

Use 3 Items in 1 turn.

 20 Coins

Kirby Capsule

Call Kirby, he’ll inhale all of your Items and trade them with a rival of your choice’s Item collection.

 20 Coins

Kersti Capsule

Call Kersti, and she’ll move you or a rival of your choice a certain number of Spaces forwards or backwards.

 20 Coins

Miracle Cake Capsule

Boost all of your Bonus Star stats by 1 stage.

 25 Coins

Wacky Watch Capsule

Extends the game by 1 turn. Can be used up to 7 times.
(ex: From 25 turns, to 26 turns)

 25 Coins

Lucky Charm Capsule

Make yourself or a rival of your choice play a Gamble Minigame; where you wager all of your Coins for the potential of it doubling.

 25 Coins

Item Bag

Get 3 Items!
You won’t know what you get until you buy it!

30 Coins


I am a joyful 21 year old guy who loves everything Nintendo. I also happen to be the creator of MPI. I am one of the Admins on Mario Party Legacy Forums, I am a Writer and Videographer for the website, and I am one of the Lost Levels on MPL's podcast.

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