Spaces (MPI6)

There are 17 Spaces in this new MPI game! These Spaces can be found on all Boards! There are more Spaces down below!


Space Name


Blue Space

Get 3 Coins.

Red Space

Lose 3 Coins.

Blue Space

An event will occur.

Bowser Space

Bowser will do something dreadful to you. He has many horrible things planned, you’ll definitely lose something!

Star Space

This is a very important Space, this is where you buy Stars!
Buy the Star for 20 Coins!
(Note, this Space does NOT count towards your dice block!)

Item Space

Answer a question or choose from a list; you’ll get Capsules here.

Fresh Space

Boost a Bonus Star stat by 1 stage.

Scissors Space

Pass this and take a shortcut on the board. Costs 5 Coins to do so.
Land here, and you’ll get 5 Coins.

Battle Space

Starts a Battle Mini-game. Players will put Coins in the jackpot, and the winner will get the most Coins.

Stop! Space

Pass this, and you will be forced to STOP! right on this Space.
Land here, and you’ll get 5 Coins.

Pouring Space

Get 30 Coins!

Juicy Space

Get an extra 10 Coins for the next 2 Mini-games.
Also, occasionally starts a Juice Mini-game!

Spider Space

Lose half of your Coins.
Rivals 3 Spaces away will also lose half their Coins.

Blast Space

Blast a burst of stars at all rivals!
Each rival will lose 1/3/5/10/15/20/30 Coin(s).

Sundae Space

From the full list of Items, choose 1 to keep.

Bless Space

Gives the player in Last Place a present.
You will receive a Star at the end of the game.

Staryu Space

Starts a Staryu Minigame.
You’ll be able to select exactly what you win based on the Minigame’s point system.

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