Bonus Stars (6)

These are Bonus Stars! They are awarded at the end depending on various tasks and if you successfully complete the criteria. They all count towards your Star count. Try your best, as they will really help you at the end! In this simple version of MPI, there are only 4 Bonus Stars!

Bonus Stars



How to Get

Mini-Game Star

Win the most Coins in Mini-Games. The player(s) to win the most Mini-Games wins this star.

Coin Star

Have the highest amount of Coins at one point of the game. The player(s) to have the most Coins at some point wins this star.

Happening Star

Land on the most Happening Spaces. The player(s) to land on the most Happening Spaces wins this star.

Bless Star

Land on the Bless Space. All players have a chance to win this Bonus Star; you can get a total of 2 Bless Stars if you land on it twice.

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