Mario Party Forum Style

Mario Party Forum Style (commonly shortened to MPFS) is a Mario Party forum game run by Dark Boo. The gameplay style is similar to Mario Party, but with Dark Boo’s own little twist! He is the first one to do original Mario Party content. MPFS began on November 27th, 2010 and has been quite amazing since the beginning. Dark Boo saw MPI on the forum and wanted to do his forum game, he wasn’t sure whether or not to do it at the beginning, since he didn’t want to interfere, but SpiderStaryu said it was okay, and the game blossomed. Dark Boo got the ideas for Spaces/Mini-Games/Etc. by his home-game of Mario Party he used to do with his family and friends, and what a great idea it was, as it started the trend for outstanding games to come! Constantly doing more and more for his game, MPFS is definitely a remarkable game that everyone will love to play now and in the future!

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