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The Spin Wheel is back again with a fashionable design! Each turn, you have an option to do certain stuff before you move; Use this to your advantage! You can visit Item Shop, see Coupons, buy Lotto Ticket, change Ability, and Charge a Capsule every turn. However, for Appeal, Dumpster Dive, as well as X-Mas Cookies, you can only perform one action from the three to perform every turn. So choose wisely, sometimes it’s good to rely on luck!





Item Shop

Buy Capsules/Stuffers/Coupons from the shop. Buy as much as you want.

 Every Turn

Coupons Circulars

See what Coupons are available. Some are free, but some will cost you some Coins to buy!

Every Turn

Lotto Store

Buy a Lotto ticket. Costs 5 Coins.

Every Turn


Increase a damaging Capsule’s power. Costs 5 Coins. Only works on Capsule that makes a player lose Coins with no exceptions.

Every Turn

Ability Change

Change one of your two Abilities into another Ability. It will cost you 20 Coins to do so.

Every Turn


 Appeal to boost your Star Gauge. Costs 5 Coins.

One from the Three

Dumpster Dive

Dig into the dumpster and possibly find something. You have a 1 in 4 chance of being poisoned, sadness, or cursed temporarily though.

One from the Three

X-Mas Cookies

Eating the cookies will boost a random Bonus Star stat. Costs 10 Coins to use.

One from the Three


I am a joyful 21 year old guy who loves everything Nintendo. I also happen to be the creator of MPI. I am one of the Admins on Mario Party Legacy Forums, I am a Writer and Videographer for the website, and I am one of the Lost Levels on MPL's podcast.

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