Fourth New Board! It’s Christmas Time with… Blizzard Brouhaha!

Blizzard Brouhaha

Blizzard Brouhaha is a Christmas/snow board! Taking place in December, there are 25 days until Christmas! Celebrate by roaming this winter wonderland, and getting as many Stars as you can! The more Stars, the more brighter the Christmas Tree will be! The special thing about this board is there’s ANOTHER Bonus Star, making a total of 8 Bonus Stars for this board! The Bonus Star is called Rockin’ Star! Learn more about it here. There’s 2 Boos, 1 Warp Zone, and 4 Scissor shortcut routes.

There are 2 Special Spaces for this board. Both returning from the previous game, MPI4+! Rockin’ Space is a very festive Space! When rocking around the Christmas tree, everyone will receive 20 Coins! Recycle Space allows you to take one Capsule of yours that isn’t needed, and replace it with something better! Choose one of the many Capsules in the Recycle bin to replace that un-wanted Capsule!


Space Name


Rockin’ Space

Everyone gets 20 Coins!

Recycle Space

Trade one of your un-wanted Capsules for a brand, new one.

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