Fifth New Board! Try Not to Get Burned on… Vehement Volcano!

Vehement Volcano

Vehement Volcano is a fire/volcano board! You would think the obvious scenario would be to stop the volcano from erupting, but it’s more complicated than that! We actually WANT the volcano to erupt, but we need the Star Power to turn the magma, into stardust! The volcano shooting out stardust across the land will help improve the earth’s atmosphere! Be careful though, for the time being, the ground you walk on is HOT! What makes this board special is that this board is separated into two separate parts; the left mountain, and the right mountain. There are A LOT of Warp Spaces for you to warp between the two secluded mountains! Another special thing? This board has Quadruple Star Spaces! Meaning 4 Star Spaces will be on the board at once! Blue/Pink/Green Star Spaces prices will vary! There‚Äôs 2 Boos, 4 Warp Zones, and 4 Scissor shortcut routes.

There are 3 Special Spaces on this board. Warp Space allows you to warp to another rival’s location, being sent to the EXACT Space they are currently on. Rocket Space starts a Rocket Minigame, which are very similar to Battle Minigames, except payouts are different. The player who loses and finishes in 4th will have to give up to 30-60 Coins. Of that, the percentage will be 1st place winner 60%, 2nd place 30%, and 3rd place 10% of that amount. P-Wing Space will take you directly to the Star! Isn’t that cool? Since Vehement Volcano has so many Stars, you have to pick one to be sent to!


Space Name


Warp Space

Boost your Star Gauge by +3 stages!

Rocket Space

Starts a Rocket Minigame. The player who gets last place in the Minigame, will lose a certain amount of Coins, and be forced to give it to their rivals!

P-Wing Space

Fly directly to the Star Space.

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