The Stackable Status Ailments!

These are Stackable Status Ailments!
Unlike Major Status Ailments, you can have multiple Stackable Status Ailments, hence the word “Stackable”, haha!
Before, in MPI4+, you could have an endless amount of Stackable Status Ailments…
But that’s a bit different now. You can only have up to 3 Stackable conditions at one time!
A lot of Capsules that cause some of these conditions aren’t revealed yet, but will be soon; I promise!
Some Status Ailments have been altered a bit from the previous game; check the differences here!


When a player is Webbed, their Abilities are completely useless. Their Abilities are suppressed while they have the Webbed status. Very useful to take advantage of this and go around their Abilities, good examples being Poison Heal, Blessed Soul, and Inútil. You can infect someone with the Webbed status by using the Spider Web Capsule. This status lasts 3 turns.


A player with the Tanooki status, will take 15 Coins from all rivals they pass. This is a positive status, and you’ll want to get this! You’ll steal lots of Coins! You can get this Status by simply using the Super Leaf Capsule on yourself! This status lasts 3 turns.


A player with the Cat status, will become stronger with their Capsule attacks! Any Capsule that takes Coins or makes a rival lose Coins, will be 20% tougher than normal. Very useful to help you wipe out your rivals Coins! Get this by using the Super Bell Capsule. This status lasts 3 turns.


A player who receives the Fish status, will lose all their Coins within 3 Turns. A rival could get infected by this status by being hit by the Amalondria’s Curse Capsule (which can’t be cured) or by landing on the Fish Space (which that version CAN be cured). This status can also be spread, if a player who has the Fish status PASSES another rival on the board. This status lasts 3 turns; on the last turn, you lose all your Coins.


A player who receives the Cursed status, will be unfortunately annoyed for their next couple of turns. Whether it be losing Coins, losing Items, force to move backwards, or just being unable to move. You can inflict a rival with this by using the Rainbow Spell Capsule, and choosing the Cursed status; or by landing on the Poison Space. Trust me… The player who gets “Cursed” needs to have a lot of patience dealing with this status.
This status can last only 1 turn or up to 5 turns,


A player with the Gold Status, will receive +1 Coin per Space they pass! Meaning if you roll a 10… you’re going to get 10 Coins for passing 10 Spaces! Get this status by using the Gold Block Capsule. This Status lasts 2 Turns.


A player with the Love Status, will receive +3 Coins per Space they pass! You’d be very lucky if you get a 10, you’d get a whopping 30 Coins after you pass 10 Spaces! Get this status by using the Love Capsule. This Status lasts 3 Turns.


A player who receives the Poisoned Status, will lose 3-5 Coins at the start of every turn. The Poisoned status will disappear once it zaps all your Coins. You can inflict the Poisoned status on a rival by either landing on the Poison Space, or using the Rainbow Spell Capsule. This Status can last 3 turns, or last as long as 7 turns.


A player who receives the Sadness Status, will lose 30% more Coins when hurt by a Capsule or any other action that makes than lose Coins. This can be very deadly on a player, as they will lose a hefty amount of Coins through attacks. You can inflict this on a rival by using the Golden Rain Capsule. This Status lasts up to 2-3 Turns.


A player who receives the Disabled status, will be unable to use their Items. That means no use of Capsules or Stocking Stuffers… This is very dangerous, every turn wasted without being able to use Items is very damaging to your strategy as a whole. You can inflict this on a rival by using the Disable Capsule, or by landing on the Poison Space. This Status lasts up to 1-3 Turn(s).


A player with the Bug a Boo status, will give you the ability to annoy your rivals for 3 turns. Each turn you will do something. For the first turn, you will take Coins from a rival of your choice. For the second turn, you will make one rival of your choice lose 1 Capsule. For the third and last turn, you will make one rival move backwards. Get this status by using the BugaBoo Capsule. This Status lasts 3 Turns.



A player who receives the Unlucky status, will make Critical Hits a lot more common against them. Meaning their personal Critical Hit ratio will increase dramatically. So Capsules that make them lose Coins have a high chance of doubling (aka, ChaCha Heels 20 Coins, has a HIGH chance of doubling to 40 Coins, and etc.) Attacking a player with this status, you can be sure there’s a high chance it will turn into a Critical Hit.
To inflict a rival with this status, use the Dubious Bandage Capsule on them. This Status lasts 2-3 Turns.


A player with the Happy status, will gain 3-5 Coins at the start of every turn! Every little bit helps, so make sure you try your best to get this status; it will only benefit you! Get this status by using the Ooeeoo Spell Capsule! This Status lasts 3-5 Turns.

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